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New wearable technology connects fathers to pregnancy

A Middlesex Product Design graduate is seeking investors for her wearable device which enables fathers to communicate with their unborn babies

Divya Hirani showcases her Sense pregnancy beltRecent Middlesex graduate Divya Hirani is hoping a new wearable device she has designed will revolutionise the way fathers interact with their unborn child during pregnancy.

For her final year project on the Product Design degree Divya created an innovative belt called Sense, which is equipped with sensors that enable fathers to feel the first kicks of their baby.

The belt connects to a mobile app to send real-time kick notifications, with vibrations and visual feedback provided to help fathers stay connected while away from their pregnant partner.

"After reading fathers blogs it became apparent that many felt detached from the pregnancy, but wanted to be part of the process even if they were at work or travelling," says 21-year-old Divya.

Audio speakers in the belt worn by the pregnant mother also enable the father to talk to the baby whenever he wants to, allowing the child to begin to recognise and respond to his voice even when they are not able to be physically present.

"I wanted to help fathers feel more connected to their baby and share the experience with their partner," Divya explains.

"Sense enables this intimate interaction between the partner and their unborn child regardless of location and also provides gratification when the baby reacts to the sound of the partner's voice."

After graduating in July, Divya secured a job at BB Designs Europe but is still hoping to put the technology into commercial production and is currently seeking investors.

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