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Solar panels helping Middlesex achieve sustainability goals

Over 13 months the 365 solar panels across our London campus generated enough energy to charge 40,600 iPhones for a year

solar panelsSolar panels across Middlesex University's London campus generated enough energy to power 17 homes for a year, new figures have revealed.

From July 2014 to August 2015 the 365 solar panels installed across the University's campus generated 81,300 kilowatt hours of power. That is enough electricity to charge 40,600 iPhones or 1,129 laptops for a whole year.

Mark Wilkinson, Middlesex Environment Manager, says he is delighted with the success of the ongoing project – which helps the University meet its energy needs.

"The solar panels are part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy which included the target to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% against a 2005 baseline," he explains.

"Our intention is to maintain this reduction while we further develop our campus. These plans include upgrading our energy monitoring systems using half hourly data and installing further LED lighting projects."

Middlesex began the solar panel project in 2012 with 72 panels installed on the roof of the Williams building and 16 on the Vine building.

Last year a further 64 were installed on the roof of College building, while 119 and 114 were placed on the roofs of Hatchcroft and the Shepard Library respectively.

As well as looking to improve energy efficiency across the campus, Mark and his team are also reviewing opportunities for the installation of further solar panels.

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