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Music students work with London Firebird Orchestra

Musicians from the London Firebird Orchestra performed compositions by BA Music students during a workshop hosted as part of its residency at Middlesex University

The London Firebird Orchestra's wind quintet work with Middlesex University music studentsStudents on the BA Music degree at Middlesex University heard their compositions played by the London Firebird Orchestra’s Wind Quintet in February.

As part of its residency at the University, the Firebird is hosting a series of workshops for Middlesex music students – with a wind quintet workshop and conducting masterclass the most recent events to take place on the London campus.

Compositions by four students were selected to be played by the Firebird’s wind quintet, while maestro George Jackson led a masterclass for students interested in conducting.

“The workshops offer an invaluable development and enrichment opportunity for students on the BA Music degree,” said Dr Brian Inglis, Lecturer in Music at Middlesex. “Our composition students benefit greatly from hearing their ideas brought to life in events like the wind quintet workshop.”

The workshops are part on an ongoing collaboration between Middlesex University and the Firebird, which is part-funded by the Radcliffe Trust and gives students the chance to work directly with members of the Orchestra.

On Tuesday 8 March, students will have the opportunity to hear short orchestral pieces played by a chamber orchestra as part of the University’s Concerts and Colloquia series.

The University Choir will then have the experience of singing with a full orchestral accompaniment on 23 March, in an ambitious concert of the beautiful but rarely-performed Saint-Saƫns Requiem at St Pancras Church, London.

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