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South Korean graduate launches exciting digital media start-up

Graduate Entrepreneur Visa scheme is supporting international BA Business and Management graduate Jay Jung's new digital media start-up Norito TV

Norito TV - Mr HatNorito TV's clients include fashion brands such as Mr Hat

Business and Management graduate Jay Jung has launched an exciting new online media platform while on a start-your-own-business visa programme.

His new London-based digital production company Norito TV is up-and-running with an impressive customer base that’s growing rapidly. Clients include a number of clothing companies located in his home country and in other parts of Asia – all looking to grow brand awareness and sales in the UK market and beyond, and Jay’s agency produces videos and other marketing material for their campaigns.

Jay left his native South Korea to travel to the UK to take his place on the master’s degree course at Middlesex University. He was eligible to stay on in the UK under the Graduate Entrepreneur Visa scheme. Offering valuable mentoring and start-up support, the programme is open to any graduate of a UK institution who has a viable plan to set up a business in the UK.

“From a young age, it was always my plan to have my own business,” Jay says.

“I am co-owner of 04uk – a communication website for Korean people living in the UK. Many big Korean companies –and even Korean government institutions – put their advertisements on this website, for hiring people or their own events. We help them to promote themselves.”

This allowed him to network with many people working in sectors such as fashion and film. “We did some work with Marvel Studios sourcing Korean extra actors for them. I helped with the advertising and we gathered around 100 Korean actors for productions.”

The American motion picture studio – known as Marvel Films from 1993 to 1996 – is based at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

“While I was studying in Middlesex University, I tried to apply what I learned in class to my work with 04uk. It helped me a lot and that was how I made Norito TV.”

He has spent the past two months in Toyko and Seoul meeting with existing and potential clients who are keen to promote themselves and their creative work on the online broadcasting channel.

“The contents platform is called Norito TV. Videos are subtitled in English and in Chinese."

Norito TV already has over 10,000 likes on Facebook with Twitter, Instagram and YouTube followers growing fast. Jay is currently working on a new website for Norito TV.

“I got really good instruction from the programme on how to set up the business and what I should do for the first steps.  Programmer leader Simon Best helped me a lot – I really appreciate his input – and now I am setting up another sister company in Seoul, South Korea. I will connect up my companies in Seoul and London.”

Dr Simon Best, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Project Leader at Middlesex University, said: "The graduate entrepreneur visa is a great opportunity for international students to set up businesses in the UK.”

Each year Middlesex University is granted ten places on the scheme and competition for the spots is “very strong”, he explained.

The programme is administered through the Enterprise Development Hub at Middlesex University. “We look for businesses that have a compelling reason to start in the UK, are likely to be growth businesses and will bring credit to Middlesex University.”

Support for students involves mentoring while developing the business idea and a business plan.  “Once the visa is granted the student is given a dedicated mentor to support them as they start the business and then develop it further."

Participants on the programme are given a one-year visa with an additional year’s extension available for start-ups considered to have good potential for growth. An additional Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is available provided you have the necessary funds in place and meet all eligibility criteria.

Middlesex students interested in the programme should contact the Enterprise Development Hub for guidance through the application process and for assessment of their business plans.

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