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Middlesex art graduate selected as finalist in National Export Competition

BA Visual Communication Design alumna Joanna Culley has been selected as one of only 10 finalists for the international Open to Export Action Plan competition

Superficial Muscle SkeletonJoanna Culley, co-founder of The Medical Stock Images Company Limited (MSIC), graduated from Middlesex in 1995 having specialised in medical and scientific illustration. Joanna has since been working as a professional medical and scientific artist specialising in animal and human anatomy.

Using her Middlesex art education Joanna has established herself as a successful artist within the medical industry, creating medical illustrations for clients from Johnson & Johnson and the NHS to The Royal College of Surgeons and Harvard University USA.

Joanna joined forces with co-founder of MSIC Tim Butler in 2006 on other business enterprises. The pair have since worked together, using Joanna’s creative skills and Tim’s digital business expertise, to create a central website where medical stock images, created by trained and qualified medical artists, can be purchased on a rights managed basis.

“The MSIC isn’t just about my medical art, it aims to take the work of qualified medical illustrators and artists from across the UK, Europe and the North America, to act as a marketplace for businesses and organisations so that they can license quality medical illustrations.” Joanna told Middlesex.

The MSIC is part of the Open to Export organisation, an online community backed by Government and business that helps companies grow through exporting. The Open to Export Action plan competition is set out to find the best business export action plan, that will deliver the highest export success from a UK business.

From the thousands of businesses that are members of the Open to Export organisation, they have selected just ten finalists to present on stage at the prestigious International Festival of Business in Liverpool, where each finalist will have ten minutes to present their business and export plan, followed by 5 minutes of intense questioning by an expert judging panel.

“It was amazing news to hear that the Medical Stock Images Company had been selected as a finalist. The business is still in its infancy, but it shows that our focus on exporting British creative talent from the outset has been recognised.”

See more of Joanna’s work at www.medical-artist.com

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