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Business School academic collaborates with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Middlesex business academic empowers women entrepreneurs through joint global online mentoring report

Business womanSenior Business Lecturer Dr Julie Haddock-Millar, together with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and business consultant Professor David Clutterbuck, last week published a global evaluation report on mentoring women entrepreneurs.

The Cherie Blair Foundation, a charity that supports women in developing countries, and Professor David Clutterbuck asked Dr Haddock-Millar to collaborate on the project due to her expertise in mentoring research and project evaluation.

The report exposes the barriers for women entrepreneurs in emerging economies - highlighting the vital role that mentoring can play in empowering women to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

“We hope the results of the report will spur organisations, policy makers and regulators to invest in developmental interventions that have the power to change lives and impact society on a wider scale,” explained Dr Haddock-Millar.

Since its pilot in 2010, the Mentoring Women in Business Programme has supported over 2,000 women entrepreneurs in more than 90 developing countries, including over 230 women in South Africa.

The report, which evaluates the programme, demonstrates a host of obstacles facing women hoping to establish and grow successful businesses including: educational inequalities, difficulties in accessing networks, lack of capital and role models.

Looking forward, Dr Haddock-Millar plans to use her experience to enrich her teaching practice at Middlesex.

“I will use my work with the Cherie Blair Foundation as a current case study to highlight professional development in practice to my students, as well as demonstrating how to write pragmatic client-focused research reports,” said Julie.

For students studying mentoring and coaching, Julie will use her experience to explain principles around programme management.

Drawing on the report’s findings, Cherie Blair hosted a special event on 30 June in Johannesburg where she championed mentoring as a powerful tool for empowering women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Read the full report.

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Picture attribution: hdptcar Flickr, Creative Commons 2.1

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