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Business School’s diversity module receives top award from equality specialists

Two Middlesex University students nominated for paid internships by UK Investors in Equality Diversity and Inclusion following award success

Dr Doirean Wilson

A final-year Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) module for undergraduate Business students has been awarded the UK Investors in Equality and Diversity (UKIED) Charter Mark.

Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace is offered to Middlesex students enrolled on the BA Human Resource Management, BA Business Management, and HR Pathways Programmes .

Following its award, two of the module’s students Farah Khan and Janine Sappleton-Brown have been nominated for paid internships by UKIED.

Dr Doirean Wilson, Senior Lecturer in HR Management was presented with a certificate of recognition at the UKIED National Annual conference on 8 July at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in Vauxhall, London.

“Students graduating from the EDI module will receive their degree certificates that bear the UKIED Charter mark logo of excellence. This will help to boost their profile and career prospects,” says Doirean.

“The charter mark not only recognises the high quality teaching provided at Middlesex, but also our students’ understanding of diversity and willingness to apply this in the workplace.”

Doirean joined a panel of experts to discuss the impact of the UK’s equality agenda after the EU referendum result.

To support students’ understanding of diversity in the workplace, Doirean believes its essential “today’s organisations meet the needs of their diverse workforce as a means for promoting harmony and performance. After-all, their very survival is dependent on staff as their key resource”.

In his congratulatory letter to Middlesex University, Andrew Lewis, Director of UKIED Operations said: “Doirean is a well-respected academic with an international EDI profile, who has also established excellent vocational and commercial relationships that have greatly enhanced the experiences of students undertaking this (EDI) module.”

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