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Graduates give their top tips for Clearing

Middlesex graduates who came to the university through Clearing share their experiences and top tips to help those applying this year

After the release of A Level results on 18 August thousands of students will begin phoning universities to apply through Clearing. The process gives students who haven’t met the entry requirements of their chosen course and late applicants another chance to gain a university place. Last year 64,300 students got into university through this route.

Clearing is sometimes regarded as a stressful process because large numbers of students compete over a limited number of university places in a small timeframe. A group of Middlesex graduates who went through Clearing are keen to dispel this myth.

For Sayed Alkadiri, who recently graduated from BA International Politics at Middlesex, Clearing was a painless experience: “It was great and not stressful at all. I called up, got through fairly swiftly, spoke about what I had studied before… and I was actually accepted on the phone.”

Sayed made the most of his time at Middlesex, getting involved in several societies and even becoming president of the Students’ Union in his third year. His top tip for students applying through Clearing in 2016 is to remain calm and consider the options carefully. “Contrary to the myths, you have more than a few hours on 18 August to make a really informed decision that will have an effect on your life for years to come," Sayed says.

Call the Middlesex Clearing hotline on 020 8411 6565 to apply now

The Clearing process isn’t always as simple as it was for Sayed. Some courses require students to attend an interview. Tara Fear, graduate of BSc Product Design, found the interview helped her reach a decision. “I got to speak to the teachers and programme leaders, I got to know them and they got to know me, and even in that small amount of time I knew that this design course was for me,” says Tara.

Clearing gave Danielle Ferguson a second chance at pursuing her dream of attending university: “Unfortunately I didn’t get the grades I was hoping for to go to my firm or insurance university, which was devastating.

“The process was so stress-free; the guy I spoke to on the phone was so helpful and kind and put me at ease straightaway.”

Danielle graduated from BA Journalism and Communication Studies with Spanish in 2009, and is now working as Marketing, Communications and Events Officer at a secondary school. She has a few practical tips for this year’s Clearing applicants: “Make sure you research your opportunities carefully and have a list of universities and courses before you start calling.

“Remember that the person you are speaking to genuinely wants to help you so stay calm and be honest about your circumstances. Also make sure you have all the necessary information in front of you.”

Kaz Sheikh was concerned about applying through Clearing but a call to Middlesex quickly put him at ease. “After 10-15 minutes on the phone I had already discovered what course I wanted to do, BA Criminology… It’s certainly not the nightmare process I thought it might be,” Kaz says.

Kaz recommends calling as soon as possible because Clearing places are limited and courses fill up quickly: “My top tip would be to start calling as soon as the Clearing hotlines open up otherwise you may miss out on doing the degree you want to do.”

To apply to Middlesex through Clearing call us now on 020 8411 6565, or visit our Clearing pages for further information.

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