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Elizabeth Cotton creates practical toolkit for NHS workers

Elizabeth Cotton has partnered up with Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust to produce a toolkit for ‘Surviving Work in Healthcare’

Doctors at workElizabeth Cotton, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Middlesex University, has worked with the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust to create a practical toolkit for staff working on the frontline of the health service.

“The resource is based on the ethos that to survive work we all need to build our relationships with the people around us,” says Elizabeth.

“While being an environment of amazing innovation and filled with professional staff who have a genuine vocation to help others, the NHS can be a toxic place to work.”

The free online resource, Surviving Work in Healthcare, provides podcasts, videos and survival guides that take a jargon free, de-stigmatizing and practical approach to addressing the real problems of working in healthcare.

The podcasts and videos are divided into ten core themes including bullying at work, healthy organisation and racism.

The toolkit is based on five years’ experience of working with health workers and activists under the title of Surviving Work. For Elizabeth and her colleagues, including Professor Clive Morton and Roger Kline, this involved running courses and discussion events and weekly blogging on topics such as how to tackle bullying at work.

Learn more about human resource management at Middlesex.

Picture attribution: Irekia Flickr, Creative Commons 2.1

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