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Department of Design awarded £35k funding for digital innovation

Middlesex’s Department of Design receive over £35,000 from HEFCE to fund introduction of latest technology to design courses

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After a successful application to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), Middlesex University’s Department of Design has been awarded funding for an exciting new project which will change the way students showcase and promote their work.

The proposal from Middlesex - entitled Digital Showscapes - will see emerging digital technologies used in a variety of ways to allow audiences to view student work without physically attending an exhibition.

“Since student employability is a high priority, it is exciting to explore how new and emerging digital technologies can be harnessed for graduates’ benefit,” Professor Gareth Williams, Head of the Department of Design at Middlesex University

The students will learn new skills in researching target audiences through social networks, designing virtual environments and creating virtual portfolios. It is hoped that educating design students in the use of virtual technology will boost their employability in the future.

As well as presenting ideas as scale models or 2D drawings, interior architecture and design students will be able to showcase full-sized virtual representations of their work to companies and audiences around the world.

Professor Gareth Williams, Head of the Department of Design at Middlesex, is excited at the potential impact this new initiative will have on the futures of design graduates.

“The Digital Showscapes projects are part of a much larger research project into the future of art and design degree shows,” he says.

“One of the key purposes of degree shows is to connect graduates with potential employers and other stakeholders, like the media, who can positively impact their career development.

“With these projects we are exploring how digital technologies may impact on students’ degree show experiences, so we are focusing on projects that enhance students’ abilities to communicate their talent most effectively.”

HEFCE will continue to work with Middlesex on this project to support networking and ensure the lessons learnt are shared across the higher education sector.

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Picture attribution: Nan Palmero Flickr Creative Commons 2.1

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