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Middlesex theatre arts collaboration creates Urban Gothic

Former Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and graduate join forces to perform at VAULT festival

Former Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts at Middlesex, Desmond Truscott, and recent graduate James Cross have collaborated to create a piece of imaginative theatre, which will be performed at VAULT festival from 15 -19 February 2017.

Based on the experience of moving to London, Scenes from an Urban Gothic is about a young man who sets off on a journey to right a past wrong and encounters a number of difficulties on the way.

There is no speech in the performance with the story being  told entirely through James’ actions and engagements.

The performance at VAULT festival follows a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the University's Theatre Arts Exchange in August:

“Utterly mysterious and absorbing experience. This creative marvel exudes originality… An astounding experience which sets the imagination free,” stated the Ed Fringe Review.

“A remarkable piece of physical theatre … a pleasure, a riot and a marvel to behold from start to finish. An absolute delight,” TV Bomb

Check out the VAULT Festival’s website for more information.

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