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Music professor publishes important first study of Benjamin Britten’s guitar works

Dr Benjamin Dwyer’s Britten and the Guitar: Critical Perspectives for Performers receives critical acclaim from top classical guitarists

GuitarDr Benjamin Dwyer, Professor in Music at Middlesex University, has published a new book entitled Britten and the Guitar: Critical Perspectives for Performers - the first critical study of the guitar works of celebrated composer Benjamin Britten.

The book, which was launched on 26 January, draws upon Dr Dwyer’s expertise as a classical guitarist, composer and musicologist to provide a detailed examination of Benjamin Britten’s music.

“Performing Britten is an enriching experience; one learns not just to be a better guitarist but also a better musician,” explains Dr Dwyer.

“Dwyer is a guitarist, composer and musicologist who has spent decades performing Britten’s music and so comes to his subject not only as a researcher but also as an expert practitioner,” Xuefei Yang, leading classical guitarist

Long recognising that Britten’s guitar music is among the most important for the instrument, Dr Dwyer hopes that the book becomes a standard workbook for students, teachers and performers alike.

“I strongly believe that research should have real and practical influence, and so through my book I hope that my long experience of engagement with this music is harnessed for the benefit of students and teachers,” he says.

Britten and the Guitar has already received critical acclaim from a number of top classical guitarists including Eliot Fisk, Fabio Zanon and Xuefei Yang.

“As a performer, reading this book has saved me many years of research, analysis and pondering. One shouldn’t do without it,” says Fabio Zanon .

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Picture attribution: James Lee, Flickr Creative Commons 2.1

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