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US travel restrictions: Vice-Chancellor's statement

Vice-Chancellor Professor Tim Blackman urges President Trump to “think again” about travel restrictions to the US

Middlesex students walking at the London campusMiddlesex University prides itself on the diversity of our academics, staff and students who work and study at our north London and other campuses in Dubai, Malta and Mauritius.

Today our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tim Blackman, released the following statement about the travel restrictions to the US:

"President Trump’s recent executive order temporarily banning entry to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries has caused great concern, disruption and hurt around the world. While this is now a subject of extensive litigation in the US, and is a matter for the US courts to resolve, Middlesex University’s position is clear.

"As a global higher education institution with many Muslim staff and students who travel internationally, which supports and advocates rational and fair evidence-based policy making, and which depends on and promotes international mobility to enrich education and produce world-class research, the order conflicts with our institution’s mission and values.

"Middlesex University urges President Trump to think again and adopt a more reasonable and less damaging approach to securing the safety of US citizens."

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