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Celebrate British Science Week at Middlesex University London

Middlesex University London is celebrating British Science Week with a STEM Festival on Wednesday 14 March

Middlesex University London is celebrating British Science Week with a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Festival  at its Hendon campus on Wednesday, 14 March giving budding scientists the chance to interact with robots, learn about virtual worlds and use their brainwaves to complete tasks.  Many of our young visitors will be inspired to go on to study STEM subjects at university.

Leading employers, think tanks and the government are emphasising the importance of STEM qualifications and skills to navigate today’s rapidly evolving industries. This is why Middlesex is home to the UK’s first Cyber Factory training facility, in partnership with FESTO Didactic, allowing us to develop our students  with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

From 10am to 3pm pupils from schools in North London will learn how to build a molecule, feed Venus flytraps or take a selfie with a robot. Between 17:00 and 20:00 the University’s main building is open to the public – visitors can test their strength by using the latest sports science equipment, have a go on a virtual roller coaster or find out how good they are at controlling their thoughts with specialised EEG headsets. There will also be talks throughout the evening explaining the work in science that takes place at Middlesex.

"Our Festival offers young people a unique opportunity to explore STEM subjects through a variety of interactive activities and demonstrations. Our aim is that when they leave Middlesex they will be motivated to become the scientists, engineers and mathematicians of tomorrow." Professor Tim Blackman, Vice-Chancellor

“As well as enjoying the demonstrations this is a great chance to speak to Middlesex academics and students about their work in exciting and innovative areas from robotics to criminal intelligence analysis.

“At Middlesex we challenge students to push the boundaries of their potential to analyse, create and discover across a wide range of exciting subjects. We provide an environment where students learn skills now that they can put to good use in jobs in the future that have not yet even been created.”

To find out more about the STEM Festival and to register click here.

Learn more about studying STEM subjects at Middlesex.

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