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MDX academic awarded Queen’s Nurse title

Sarah Chitongo recognised for her commitment to patient care and nursing practice
credit: Zimbabwe Today

One of Middlesex’s midwifery educators, Sarah Chitongo, has been given the Queen’s Nurse (QN) title in recognition for her services in midwifery. She is the only midwife to have received the title.

Sarah was recognised for looking after asylum seekers and immigrants in the community and also for creating safety programmes for patients who are at high risk and need specialist care.

Sarah has previously won the Mary Seacole Award for her project investigating the experiences of midwives in caring for women from Black Asian Ethnic Minority (BAME) groups on delivery suite high dependency units within London hospitals.

"I always wanted to be a nurse and midwife from a young age. It’s a vocation to me, my main focus is patient care and being a role model to nursing and midwifery students." Sarah Chitongo, Middlesex University

Queen’s Nurses are committed to learning, leadership and high standards of practice and patient care and is the mark of professional excellence.

The title recognises “continuing commitment to safeguarding and promoting high standards of care in the nursing and midwifery profession and dedication to learning and leadership”.

On receiving the title, Sarah said: “I’m very proud to be a nurse and a midwife and it is so gratifying to be recognised for doing a job you love. This wouldn’t have happened if Middlesex University hadn’t enabled me in the way that it has. This isn’t just about me, this is about the work of the whole team who I’ve strived to help and work with in all my years of clinical practice. I always wanted to be a nurse and midwife from a young age. It’s a vocation to me, my main focus is patient care and being a role model to nursing and midwifery students.

She added: “If you are a good role model people can learn high standards from you. By being a patient advocate and standing up for patients’ rights I can inspire others”

Sarah demonstrating augmented reality equipment to the Minister for Universities, Chris Skidmore, during his visit to MDX in January 2019

The QN title was introduced by the Queen’s Nursing Institute to bring together nurses and midwives, practitioner and educators who share common values with a shared title – it supports innovation and best practice in order to improve care for patients.

Commenting on Sarah’s achievement, Fiona Suthers, Head of Clinical Skills Department said:

“Sarah has received the Queen’s Nurse Title because of her commitment and devotion to clinical practice and for leading teams to provide the best possible patient-focused care. The achievements she has made in her career are inspiring and we are extremely proud to have her at Middlesex University.”

The Middlesex midwifery team’s recent shortlisting for the Northern Maternity and Midwifery Festival Innovation Award in recognition of its contribution to maternity services demonstrates how the team’s reputation is going from strength to strength.

Learn more about midwifery courses at Middlesex.

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