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MDX recruitment service Unitemps bags national award after helping 6,000-plus students obtain paid work

Nearly 1500 students are currently employed through work opportunities offered via Unitemps

Picture:  Emily Harris, BA film graduate and Gabriel Dos Santos Berwanger, BA Business Management graduate and MSc Digital Marketing current student

Middlesex University’s on-campus recruitment service Unitemps has won a national award for its efforts in helping thousands of students obtain paid work during their studies.

MDX’s Unitemps branch was awarded the £5 million Turnover Award at the Unitemps Annual Conference, which took place on 22-24 June.

This year the branch was again nominated for the Compliance Award and one of its consultants Clemente Ruidiaz was runner up in the Internal Consultant of the Year Award.

The £5 million Turnover Award represents the amount contributed towards student and alumni salaries who work for MDX from February 1st, 2017.

This includes all student ambassador jobs and roles which students have been assigned to work on through Unitemps with different teams across the university.

Unitemps offers a range of part-time work opportunities for students both off and on campus, which can easily be fitted around their studies and holidays.

Alan Stuart, MDX Director for Careers and Employability, said: “The £5 million Turnover Award reflects the incredible benefit to students of MDX where they can earn while they learn through our on-campus recruitment service.

“There are currently about 1500 students employed and more than 6,000 who’ve benefited from the work opportunities offered via Unitemps.”

MDX was once again nominated for the most compliant university across the Unitemps Network of 16 UK universities after winning the award in 2019 and being put forward last year.

This award acknowledges efforts to manage all Right to Works Checks, visa requests and any other legal documents while being fully complaint with the Home Office regulations.

Ruben Duarte, (above) a student ambassador and BA Film alumnus, said: “Having been working for MDX Unitemps for so long throughout my student journey I can definitely see the positive impact that their work has.

“From supporting students in getting their first job, to helping us grab that amazing placement opportunity their CV build workshop is essential in providing a step up towards the industry.

“The Student Ambassador scheme is an amazing opportunity to get involved in university life, from getting to know other student ambassadors and working with so many different departments.

“It is a definite character builder.”

Clemente Ruidiaz was also runner up in the Internal Consultant Award for his “innovative ideas and excellent support to the student ambassador community throughout the lockdown.”

He helped create a community and safe space where students could ask for help during the pandemic.

Clemente, a BA Business Management alumnus, was previously one of a number of student ambassadors employed through Unitemps who promote the university at MDX outreach events.

He now works as a Unitemps consultant helping university teams hire and train ambassadors for jobs on and off-campus.

Federica Vassallo, an Events Coordinator at MDX and MSc Strategic Marketing alumnus, said: “The support Clemente and the whole Unitemps team has given us over the years has been incredible.

“As student ambassadors are an essential element to all of our events, we definitely wouldn't be able to do our job without their help.”

Sophie Alexis  and Natalie Wingall, from the MDX Education Liaison Team, said: “Since we’ve moved to a digital world, the level of service and commitment has remained the same and Unitemps have been extremely versatile in understanding our new requirements.

“We are extremely grateful for the help and guidance and can do attitude that Clemente and the team give to us.”

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