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MDX students reveal why Clearing process was the 'best decision they ever made'

'I would definitely recommend clearing to applicants who don’t feel satisfied by a course they applied for or if they feel they got better than expected.'

Thousands of students will be going through the Clearing process this week after getting their results.

Clearing is a superb opportunity for students whether they did or did not get the grades they expected. It enables students to apply for a course in any subject and to any university with vacancies, including those that have previously rejected them.

Students with firm and insurance offers can apply for alternative courses through Clearing once they have negotiated a release from their choices.

Here we profile students who went through Clearing and were delighted with how things worked out for them.

“Applying through Clearing was one of the best decisions I ever made,” said Hadia Jaja, a BSC Computer Networks and Security graduate.

Hadia had initially planned to study Law going through UCAS but changed her mind at the last minute which led to her contacting MDX.

“I called the Clearing line and was able to secure a place on the BSc Computer Networks programme,” she added.

“I am glad that I went through Clearing as I was able to complete a degree that I loved and was passionate about. I would definitely recommend Clearing to applicants who don’t feel satisfied by a course they applied for, or if they feel they did better than expected they could reconsider their choices.

“I am glad I made this decision as I successfully completed my degree with first-class honours and doing so in a STEM department has made be more recognisable to employers as not many women are in the technology field.”

The last 18 months of Hadia’s course was completed remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While she admitted there were challenges, she found the University adapted to the difficult circumstances with recorded lectures allowing her to go over notes in her free time during exam season and Splashtop Business enabled remote access to MDX labs.

“This was extremely helpful as my course was lab based and it allowed me to complete the course successfully,” added Hadia.

“It was a challenge working from home because it was hard to focus but I was able to study during the night to revise over the recorded lectures.”

Leonardo Manni, an international student from Italy currently in his second year of a BSc in Business Management, was also delighted to have gone through Clearing at MDX but admitted remote learning had been tough.

Leonardo said he “missed the social interaction and would prefer to be on campus”, but said the University was “constantly in touch with messages and emails to provide support”.

Before applying for MDX, Leonardo had chosen Queen Mary University of London but he missed out on the course after failing to achieve one of five specific grades needed on the IELTS test.

His grades matched the entry requirements at MDX and he opted instead to apply through Clearing for a BA in Business Management with Spanish.

He said: “The process at Clearing was very easy; I remember i was afraid it was too late and I would have missed my chance to start university in 2019.

“Fortunately that was not the case, as a Clearing hotline was available to students who could ring the team and ask for all the information they needed. I spoke to a woman who really helped me go through the whole process.

“I would definitely recommend future students to apply through Clearing, it is easier than you would expect and it is a chance to start uni on time. “

And Leonardo has been delighted with his choice.

“MDX is a great uni, great facilities and, if needed, there is always someone available to help out, from the course content to admin and personal wellbeing,” he added.

“I really enjoy my programme and the content of the modules and the skills I have learnt. I can definitely see my future shaping well thanks to the University.

“I am developing the knowledge needed in the field of the Business Management, plus I have had the opportunity to work for MDX as a student Learning Assistant and student Voice Leader, which are both great experiences to develop leadership skills.”

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