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MDX hosting first annual Breast Cancer Convention Conference

The conference will feature 17 talks, panel discussions and ground breaking new 'Organ-on-a-Chip' research


Middlesex University will be hosting Breast Cancer UK’s first annual Breast Cancer Prevention Conference this week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Uniquely focused on exploring the links between the chemical, environmental, lifestyle factors and breast cancer occurrence and survival, the conference will see breakthrough announcements, including the development of the ground-breaking ‘Organ-on-a-Chip’ research platform which mimics human breast tissue.

Dr Britta Stordal, an Associate Professor in Cancer Research and Vice Chair of Breast Cancer UK, said: “I am delighted to have been able to bring the conference to Middlesex University.

“It’s a unique event, a scientific conference but with a view to having an impact on cancer prevention policy in the UK.”

Dr Stordal will be chairing a panel discussion on ‘What policy solutions are needed to progress breast cancer prevention?’ which will bring together the perspectives of the scientists presenting at the conference as well as a member of parliament.”

Leading experts from as far afield as the United States and Switzerland, will share the latest research and debate in this increasingly significant area of breast cancer medicine.

“Our conference is distinct in focusing purely on the vital issue of breast cancer prevention,” comments Dr Kerri Palmer, Scientific Research Officer at Breast Cancer UK and lead conference organiser.

“It will bring together speakers from both the UK and abroad who are leaders in their respective fields, presenting a great learning and networking opportunity for those working, or interested, in the field of breast cancer research.

“Entrance is free and we welcome clinicians, researchers and scientists with an interest in breast cancer prevention to join us.”

The first day of the conference will spotlight the link between environmental chemicals and breast cancer risk, including carcinogens and hormonal disruptors, with a special session on the potential of harnessing new technology in determining external breast cancer factors. Keynote speaker, Professor Laura Vandenberg of the University of Massachusetts, will share lessons from studies of estrogenic endocrine disruptors in her talk ‘Environmental chemicals and the breast.’

Day two will focus on diet and lifestyle factors which may influence breast cancer including diet, weight and breastfeeding, with keynote speaker Dr Michelle Harvie sharing her knowledge on breast cancer prevention through diet and health behaviours.

The final talk of each day will aim to identify current research gaps in these areas of breast cancer prevention to help inform future scientific research.

Dr Elisabete Silva, Senior Lecturer in Human Toxicology at Brunel University, will be using the conference to announce the development of an advanced and novel Organ-On-a-Chip platform which mimics human breast tissue, enabling further research into causes of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer UK CEO Thalie Martini comments: “We are delighted to be partnering with Middlesex University to bring together some of the leading voices in breast cancer prevention research from across the world. Breast cancer is the most common global cancer, yet so little is invested in research to understand the causes of the disease, and how we can prevent it in future generations.

“Over two days, through 17 talks and focused panel discussions, our first breast cancer prevention conference is an exciting opportunity to bring to light the latest evidence, along with the gaps in breast cancer prevention research, to share ideas and set a pathway to increase support for and investment in breast cancer prevention.”

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