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MDX student satisfaction continues to climb as university is is ranked 5th in global survey

Almost 90 per cent of Postgraduates are happy with Middlesex education and experience

Middlesex University has been ranked as the 5th highest of 100 providers for overall satisfaction in a national survey of postgraduate research students.

PRES- the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey, is conducted annually by institutions across the UK and asks questions about a range of topics including resources, professional development and research culture.

This year’s survey, which had the highest MDX response rate ever at 44 per cent, saw the university climb from a ranking of 6th last year from 58 providers to 5th from 100 providers in 2023.

A total of 37,661 people across the UK responded to the survey anonymously, which allows comparison against the sector and within bench marking groups.

The PRES is designed to highlight areas of strength and show where universities can improve the learning experience for students in future.

The results showed that 86 per cent of postgraduates felt overall satisfaction with MDX, compared to 84 per cent last year. The figure stood at 70 per cent in 2019.

In addition, 84 per cent of respondents felt confident they would complete their research degree programme and 92 per cent felt that their supervisor/s had the skills and subject knowledge to support their research.

There were areas for improvement however;  just 49 per cent of respondents said:  'I have a suitable working space when I am on campus' and full time respondents were less satisfied that their part time counterparts (78 per cent and 93 per cent respectively). MDX will now analyse the feedback.

MDX Student Engagement and Enhancement Manager, Ravinder Bassi, said: “PRES2023 is a success story – in 2019 we were in the lowest quarter for overall satisfaction so this is a great improvement in five years!

“During the same period we have also increased response rates from just 25 per cent.”

Click here for more information about PRES.

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