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MDX alumnus wins best product design award at world’s largest showcase of graduating artists and designers

Harry Miller- Adams beat thousands of graduates with instant hot water appliance praised for sustainability and innovation

When MDX Design graduate Harry Miller-Adams undertook the challenge of resigning the humble kettle, his focus was prompting people to change their behaviours with the aid of cutting-edge technology.

“The goal was to tackle one of the least sustainable domestic appliances due to the overfilling and over-boiling habits of users,” Harry said.

Shocked by research that suggests 75 per cent of British households overfill their kettles, resulting in the waste of 70 million litres of water daily a loss of £68 million annually, Harry embarked on an ambitious project.

He couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Kettle. is highly efficient and user-friendly, featuring a pour-to-boil function powered by two lattice structural heat exchanges that enable rapid temperature increase during pouring.

“A maintenance exchange holds water at a set temperature and the rapid exchange allows the water to flow through it, rapidly increasing the water temperature,” Harry added.

“These both are situated within a vacuum flask minimising temperature fall-off and keeping water warm throughout the day, reducing energy, water and time wastage.”

As Kettle. is modular, it is easy to clean and repairable, which guarantees a longer lifespan and reduces material waste and landfill usage.

The design process was meticulous. Harry started by generating a domain and conducting thorough research to gain understanding of the existing issues.

After developing numerous sketches and concepts, data logging to identify inefficiencies and testing, the nine-month design process began.

Harry said: “It is evident that Kettle. stands out from similar products in terms of appearance, performance, functionality, longevity and most importantly, sustainability.”

Experts agree. Harry has won the Institution of Engineering Designers Annual Prize Award for Best Final Year Project and has been shortlisted for Kevin's Green Hero's at Grand Designs Live.

His latest accolade is the Product Design award for the Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2023 in collaboration with Gucci.

Judged by 175 highly esteemed judges, the fourth edition of the world’s largest showcase of graduating artists and designers saw more than 5,000 students enter their work.

Harry will now have his work showcased in a virtual gallery hosted by Google Arts & Culture.

Harry, who works full time as an Industrial Design at leading London consultancy LAYER, says he was drawn to MDX due to the passionate staff and students and exceptional facilities, including the workshop and modern design studio.

“During my time at Middlesex I gained extensive knowledge and skills that have equipped me for success,” he said, “I confidently acquired a thorough understanding of the design process through a range of intriguing projects, which allowed me to master this skill with ease.

“I learned all the necessary industry-related software, design techniques, prototyping methods, and sketching. Studio practice enabled me to apply my skills, receive constructive feedback, and develop them under the expert guidance of our lecturers and peers.”

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