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MDX Debate

Middlesex University's debate competition is back, giving students in Years 9 and 10 from local schools the opportunity to debate current social issues, while compete against their peers from local schools. If you are interested in your school participating in this year's competition. Register your interest.

The competition helps students to develop their understanding of democracy, government, the law, rights and responsibilities and how we live together in society. These learning outcomes are aligned to the current GCSE in Citizenship Studies, and call upon knowledge developed within a number of subject areas, including History, Religious, Social and Health Education. At the same time, the competition provides a platform for attendees to develop their reasoning, spoken language skills and confidence.

The debates are hosted at Middlesex University and take place over two dates (knockout round and finals). The judges’ panel consists of representatives from the School of Law, the University’s Debating Society, and the Marketing Department. Prizes are awarded to the teams finishing in first and second place.

Our team is available to visit your school to deliver workshops to prepare students (4-8 students/school team) for the competition.These workshops will include discussions on current social issues, a mock debate and tips and advice on making effective arguments.

On the day of the debate your students will be able to tour the campus and meet current students to get a taste of university life.

This year's competition will take place in February/March. Register your interest.

What students say about MDX Debate:

"90% of the students rated the competition as good or excellent"

"83% of the students said that the competition helped them to communicate effectively with their peers" 

"80% of the students said that the competition helped them to learn how to construct logical, strong arguments quite a lot or very much"

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