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How and when to pay

You will need to make payments to the university for:

  • Your tuition deposit
  • Your tuition fees
  • Accommodation fees - if you choose to live in one of our Halls of Residence
  • How to pay

    • Pay via the Applicant Portal

      As an international student, you can pay by credit or debit card through the online Applicant Portal. If you pay in this way, then:

      • You'll get an instant receipt by e-mail
      • Your student account is updated within 24 hours
      • Our Admissions team is advised of your tuition fee deposit payment within 24 hours, which reduces the time taken to issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

      Your login details will be in your offer letter and you will have access to this payment facility upon receiving an unconditional offer from us unless you are applying through UCAS. In this case, you will be provided with access at a later date and should use the bank transfer facility.

      You may be advised by your bank that your tuition fee payment exceeds your current credit facility or that your card is not authorised for International transfers. We would advise in such instances that you ensure that your card is approved for International payments and request an increase in your credit limit with your bank. To ensure that you do not breach your credit limit you can split your payment into smaller amounts to ensure that you remain within your credit limit.

    • Pay via bank transfer

      Middlesex University has partnered with Convera to provide you with a quick and easy way to pay your fees. Convera GlobalPay for Students allows you to pay student fees in the currency of your choice and then provides you with a simple and secure way to initiate payment. Using Convera GlobalPay reduces lost payments and gives you get peace of mind that your full payment is received by us.

      This service allows you to see the exact cost of your payment in your local currency and the quote given will be honoured for 72 hours. You can then contact your bank to arrange payment or carry out the transfer online.

      This is easier and cheaper than ordering a banker's draft from your bank and the payment will reach your University account more quickly.

      You can also track your payment.

      Benefits of using GlobalPay

      • Pay tuition fees by bank transfer or online payment options including AliPay, Ten Pay, UnionPay, Trustly, Sofort
      • Bank transfer options for China and India
      • No transaction charges from Middlesex University or Convera Business Solutions
      • Good exchange rate compared to most banks
      • Helps reduce lost payments

      Please note that this is not an online payment facility and only provides you with a quote. It is important that you ensure that the currency stated in your quote is the same as the currency used by your bank – otherwise, you run the risk of your payment being rejected or delayed. Your bank will carry out the transfer upon receipt of the quote as per the instructions below:

      Using this service

      1. Log in to the International student bank transfer payment system by using your student number and pin which are detailed in your offer letter from Middlesex University. Your student number is the “M” number and your pin is your date of birth in the format “DDMMYY”.
      2. Enter the amount(s) you wish to pay and then select “continue”. You will then be taken to the Convera website. The payment currency will default to your home country currency but you can select another currency if you wish. The exchange rate will be calculated and displayed. When you are happy with the currency and value of the payment select “continue”.
      3. Enter the details of the person who will make the payment (this can be you or a family member or sponsor). Confirmation will be sent to your Middlesex University email address but you can change this to another email address if you wish. When you have entered your details select “continue”.
      4. Read the conditions carefully and tick the box to confirm you have understood. Then submit your payment request. Print a copy of the payment instructions PDF and submit it to your bank immediately or use a telephone or online banking to carry out the transaction.

      The quote is only valid for 72 hours. If you have not made payment within this time you will need to start the process again. If you do submit a payment after 72 hours, Convera will process your payment at the exchange rate on that day. If there is a shortfall in the amount received by the University you will be required to pay the difference.

      Please save a copy of the quote for your records. Upon receipt of your deposit, Convera will transfer your payment to Middlesex University.

      Who to contact


      Telephone: 01733 871 871
      Submit a ticket: https://students.convera.com/#!/contacts

      There is customer support service to help you at every step. Service is between 9am to 5pm (UK time) and Monday to Friday only.

      Our UniHelp service is also providing a chat service for general enquiries. You can also find guidance videos for using this service on UniHub.

    • Pay via an alternative payment method

      Convera offers alternative payment methods as a secure way for you to pay your tuition fees. eWallet payment methods provide a secure place where you can store funds to be used online and Convera offers the following eWallet and online payment options solutions:

      Alipay – Paypal of China

      Alipay is an eWallet used for over half of all Chinese internet transactions that represents 450 million active unique users making more than 80 million payments a day.

      It works like many eWallet services where you add payment methods (card or bank accounts) to your Alipay account so payments can be easily processed.


      This is a direct payment system and works like an automated advanced payment (by bank transfer) within seconds. Sofort banking is the market leader in direct payment in Germany and Austria and is currently available on GlobalPay for students from the following countries:

      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • France
      • Germany
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • UK


      This is an Australian online debit payment method. It is a payment system that is used by merchants and consumers in Australia and New Zealand and covers 22 banks.


      This payment method enables immediate online transfer from bank to bank accounts. It is available in the Netherlands, has 3 million users and partners with 10 banks.


      This payment method allows you to pay via your own bank account. Trustly covers over 130 banks in 21 countries, and have 67 million users.

      India Net Banking

      This option enables online banking via the Indian banking network and covers all banks in India.

      At Middlesex University, we strive to provide flexible payment options for all our students. However, we understand that external factors such as international sanctions may sometimes pose challenges to certain students who wish to pay via Convera. Therefore, we remind affected students that they can still pay their tuition fees using a debit or credit card via our convenient and secure applicant portal or automated telephone payment service line: +44(0) 208 411 6400.

  • Frequently asked questions

    • What is a tuition fee deposit?

      Your tuition deposit will be deducted from the total amount of your tuition fees. For example, if your tuition fees are £14,500, and you pay a tuition deposit of £7,500, you will only need to pay £7,000.

      The remaining amount needs to be paid either in full at or before enrolment or by the appropriate available instalment dates.

    • When do I need to pay my tuition fees?

      You will need to have paid your tuition fees in full or by available instalments either before or at enrolment.

    • Can I pay my tuition fees in instalments?

      You may pay tuition fees in instalments. Further information on available instalment plans.

    • How do I request a refund before I have enrolled?

      Your deposit is only refundable in the following circumstances:

      • You have been refused a student visa. A clear copy of the complete visa refusal letter issued by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) must be submitted with the refund request as evidence
      • The deposit was paid while you held a conditional offer and you failed to meet the conditions of the offer and were not admitted to the University for the relevant course and start date specified in the offer letter

      Important things to note:

      • We can only refund money to the account from which payment was made originally. It cannot be transferred to another individual.
      • If a third party has paid the deposit on your behalf, you will not receive the refund.
      • Refunds will be made at the rate of exchange in force on the date the refund is processed.
      • Any charges levied by the receiving bank will be borne by the applicant.
    • How do I request a refund after I have enrolled?

      If you have begun your studies, any refunds will then fall in line with normal University withdrawal policies.

      More information can be found on Unihub.

    • I need to speak to someone in the Finance team - who can I contact?

      Our friendly team are here to support you. They’re offices are open Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, and you can contact them directly by calling +44 (0)20 8411 5555.

      Alternatively, you can contact us via Live Chat where a team member will be able to offer you more information.

    • Are there any scholarships available?

      Yes! We have lots of scholarships available for international students.

      Find out more about which scholarships you might be eligible for.

    • How much is everything going to cost me in total?

      To work out the total cost of studying abroad at Middlesex, you need to consider the following:

      • Tuition fees (including Pre-sessional English and International Foundation programme if you are taking them)
      • Accommodation fees
      • Visa costs (including health surcharge)
      • Translation of documents for your application
    • Americas information

      For specific information to support North and South American students, including the MYCEST scholarship and FAFSA information, please visit our dedicated USA country webpage.


We’ll ask you to make an advance rent payment of £300 when you accept an offer of accommodation. If you need to cancel the room before the start of term, and there’s enough time for student to take it, then we’ll refund any money you’ve paid.

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