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At Middlesex University we enjoy strong links with China. In addition to welcoming a large number of Chinese students to our campus each year, we also have a large network of prestigious partners in China.

We also have Middlesex University offices throughout China, allowing us to offer a unique and personalised service to students and parents. Our team will answer any questions about studying with us and guide you step-by-step through the application process.

We offer our students an exciting range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that provide you with the experience, knowledge and insight you need to flourish in today's demanding and highly competitive job market.

There are currently over 400 students from China studying at our London campus. Popular courses with these students include our BA Business Management top-up, BA International Business Administration top-up, BA Financial Services top-up and MA International Business Management.

Our Partners

Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai

Fuzhou Polytechnic

Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade

Guangdong Bai Yun University

Guangdong Nan fang Vocational College

Guangdong Nan Hua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

Guangdong Pei Zheng College

Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Guangdong Xin’an College

Guangzhou City Construction College

Guangzhou College of Commerce

Guangzhou College of Technology and Business

Guangzhou International Economics College

Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology

Guilin University of Technology

Henan University of Science and Technology

Hua Li College of Guangdong University of Technology

Nan Fang College of Sun Yat-Sen University

Ningbo Finance and Economics

Shenzhen University

Shenzhen Zhong Jia Vocational Technical School

South China Business College

South China University of Technology

Wenzhou University Ou jiang College

Wuhan Business University

Wuhan Sports University

Xinhua College of Sun Yat-Sen University

Zhuhai Art College