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Study abroad for Middlesex students

Make the most of our exchange programme to learn about a new culture and language, travel and make friends

Why choose to study abroad

Study your subject from a different perspective - you'll discover new teaching and study methods, improve research skills and gain a new perspective on your subject area.

Get a competitive advantage in the job market - employers understand that candidates who have completed a study exchange are flexible, show a willingness to learn and have great leadership skills.

Study and work abroad options

  • Go abroad on a study exchange with one of our student exchange partners
  • Choose a funded work placement abroad as part of Erasmus+ as part of your course, during your summer vacation or after graduation.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the biggest funded education programme in the world supporting student exchanges and work placements throughout Europe and around the world.

Contact the Middlesex Student Exchange Team

Call +44 (0)20 8411 5962/5579

  • What it's like to study abroad

  • Get a grant for studying abroad

    If you're worried about the extra costs of being abroad then there's extra financial help available for you through Erasmus+. If you go on study exchange to one of our Erasmus+ partners, or do a work placement in Europe as part of your degree, you'll be eligible to get an Erasmus+ student grant. There’s also additional Erasmus+ funding available if you have a disability or your family has a low income.

    Erasmus grants are always subject to availability and to the UK’s ongoing participation in the Erasmus programme

Learn a new language

  • Develop your creativity, become part of a wider global community and upgrade your communication skills when you learn a language
  • The exchange programme provides many opportunities for you to learn a new language or improve your current foreign language skills
  • Remember that many of our partners in non-English-speaking countries also offer courses taught in English, so you don't need to be a fluent speaker to take part.

Meet Natasha

"Working at Business Booster, a start-up investment firm, was great for building up my business vocabulary in Spanish. Being thrown in at the deep end teaching has prepared me for whatever life throws at me. You've just got to go for it and step out of your comfort zone."

Business student Natasha spent 12 months living, working and studying in Valencia as part of our Erasmus+ exchange programme.

She learned business skills and Spanish in class and completed four different internships. She worked in the local university's international admissions office, taught English, supervised children at a summer school and worked for a start-up investment firm.

Study at our global campuses

When you study at Middlesex in London, you can transfer to our global network of campuses in Dubai and Mauritius.

Get a global education experience

Many of our courses are available at our branch campuses so you can start your studies at one campus and complete some or all of your course at another.

It's your chance to explore a new culture, make overseas contacts for your career while you get the same high quality teaching from Middlesex.

Middlesex University in Dubai

Middlesex University in Mauritius

How to apply

Contact our campus transfer team for more information about studying at our campuses.

Download our application form

Studying a year in sunny and hot Spain was amazing! I had the opportunity to explore its exquisite culture – cuisine, music, dance, traditions – and best of all practice my Spanish.

Inga, spent a year studying in Spain as part of her undergraduate degree

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