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Creative portfolios, interviews and auditions

10 steps to creating your art and design portfolio

A portfolio is an important part of your application for an art and design course. It is a collection of your work to give the tutors an idea of what you can do and assess if you are suitable for the course.

We've put together some helpful tips to make the most of your portfolio.

What to expect from your portfolio and interview for visual arts

Jad and Sahar tell you about preparing your portfolio and how to do your best at your visual arts interview. Find out what they enjoyed about their experience and why you will too.

Art and design portfolios - Facebook Live webinar

We also hosted a 20 minute Facebook Live webinar with Art and Design staff about the topic of creating a portfolio.

What to expect at your dance or theatre arts audition and interview

Students Aaliyah and Corey share their experiences of doing an audition and interview for their course and what they enjoyed about it. Get their advice on how to prepare before you come and how to do your best on the day.

What to expect at your interview and audition for music

Euan explains what happens at your interview and audition for a music course and why you don't need to worry. Hear his advice on how to make the most of this opportunity to meet your tutors and come to campus.


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