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Part-time study

Study your course part-time

When you study part-time you experience the financial - and career - benefits of continued employment.

You can take almost all our undergraduate and postgraduate courses on a part-time basis. Study at your own pace alongside work and other commitments and get the skills and knowledge you need to progress in your career.

You can also move easily between full- and part-time study during your course.

How to apply

For part-time undergraduate courses

For part-time postgraduate taught courses

For part-time postgraduate research courses

Part-time study, full-time benefits

Four reasons to study part-time with us:

  • Access to all resources available to full-time students
  • Extra support through our online learning resource including many key journals
  • Contact your tutors by email as well as in person
  • An extensive support network to help you manage your work and commitments.

  • Easier for you – and your employer

    Part-time course fees are often less of a financial burden. Many employers provide sponsorship so you can improve your career prospects without needing to take a break from work.

    Courses designed for professionals

    If you're working then you can choose from work-based courses that are specially designed for professionals looking to progress their careers.

    Studying in this way also means you can apply your academic learning directly to your work so your knowledge will improve how things are done.

  • Study around your schedule

    You can select the modules you would like to focus on during the year at the start of your course. Then you'll know how much of your time must be spent on campus during the term, making it easy to fit your work and personal commitments alongside your study.

    Choose how you spend your time

    As an undergraduate, choose how many credits you study each year from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 90 credits. Remember you need 360 credits in total to complete an undergraduate course. Find out which modules are studied at each level and how many credits they're worth on individual course pages.

    As a postgraduate, we support you to reduce the number of hours you need to be on campus. With some combinations, it's possible to have all your classes take place on one or two days per week.

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