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Certificates and transcripts

How to get replacement certificates

From Middlesex University - if you graduated after 1993

Request a replacement certificate for £65 through our online store.

From other awarding bodies - if you graduated before 1993

Contact UniHelp to find out if we are able to replace your certificate.

If your certificate is from before 1993 or from an institution that merged into Middlesex Polytechnic then we may not be able to issue a certificate because there may not be sufficient records available.

Certificates issued by CNAA

To replace a certificate issued by CNAA (Council for National Academic Awards), which awarded the majority of pre-University qualifications, contact the Open University.

Open University Validation Service, CNAA Aftercare Service

Tel: +44 (0) 1908 332 852
Fax: +44 (0) 1908 332 841

Ask a question

Contact UniHelp

Call 020 8411 6060

Request an academic reference

If you need an academic reference, you can easily request one via the Academic Referrals page in myAlumniHub.

Get your reference
  • Standard award letter

    You can get a standard award letter or proof of your qualification through UniHelp.

    Verified degrees

    If an employer or recruiter asks for your degree to be verified get in touch with to get your degree stamped.

  • Replacement diploma supplements and transcripts

    You can request a diploma supplement or transcript through our online store.

    There is a £15 charge for diploma supplements for students who completed their studies after 1993. If you're not sure if we are able to replace these for you then get in touch with UniHelp.

    Remember that it might not be possible for us to issue a diploma supplement from before 1993 or from an institution that merged from Middlesex Polytechnic.

Request certificates and transcripts

Visit our online store

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