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Ali Kutay Eryigit

Ali Kutay EryigitProduct Executive, Carlsberg Group

MBA, 2013

What made you choose Middlesex University for your MBA?

Middlesex University’s MBA programme is ranked amongst the best 200 MBA programmes in the world, so its accreditation by respected education authorities was one of the deciding factors in studying here.

I also thought the University had a great campus in London, which has both historical and technological structures, and Middlesex offered a very international learning experience, with field trips to Paris, Shanghai, Milan and Barcelona.

Upon completing my MBA at Middlesex I also automatically gained membership of the Chartered Management Institute, which felt like a real privilege.

These outstanding differences helped me to choose Middlesex University for MBA.

What did you most enjoy about studying at Middlesex?

Middlesex has a cutting edge library that uses a range of learning materials to support its students. All of my classes combined practical applications and business simulations, which really equipped me to use the academic theories I learnt in practical ways.

I generally enjoyed a lot of being at Middlesex because of the help I received from my wise and energetic lecturers, and the friendly staff there. I found that you could get help and advice with almost anything, including social activities, societies, life in London, volunteering, work and career advice, nutrition, accommodation, and health issues.

When the university and its staff help students that much, you find that time there shoots by, because “time flies when you're having fun”.

What do you feel your MBA has brought to your career?

My MBA at Middlesex improved my communication, negotiation, leadership, and cross-cultural management skills. It taught me to generate creative and beneficial solutions, which are relevant to real world business conditions, and I can now confidently maximise external opportunities, and minimise exposure to threats by taking precautions. I can evaluate business issues and problems from different angles.

I was equipped with a variety of business skills, including marketing and strategy management, finance and economics, operation and information management, and global management perspectives. Strategic thinking, critical evaluation and reflection have become the basis of my perspective.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

There are a few achievements that I am particularly proud of so far in my career. The first is a marketing consultancy project I did for BEKO, a global domestic appliance brand, to target its specific segment in the UK market. I developed a bespoke business market plan for them, which was deemed worthy of an award.

I have also done a lot of work evaluating global financial markets. My forecasts about inflation, exchange rates, unemployment rates, credit defaults, and bank interests have been featured regularly in newspapers, and my latest market analysis was recently the headline of the economy section in one of Turkey’s biggest newspapers.

What are the top three career tips you would give to current students and recent graduates?

My first tip is to incorporate each academic model you learn with current case studies, as this will reinforce what you’re learning.

My second tip is to conduct real consultancy projects in global business life.

The third one is to continue lifelong learning.

Tell us about your role at Carlsberg Group. What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

Türk Tuborg-Carlsberg is a great place to work where I can search, analyse, create, plan, and conduct a variety of marketing functions, models and tools as Product Executive. Seeing the results of my efforts and leading the FMCG beer sector in our region is the most fulfilling point.

Business skills, soft skills, analytical and conceptual skills are all important in my work, as are maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail. My company’s success in our sector is not by chance. It is the fruit of wise and forward-thinking directors, managers, executives, and all employees.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m sure I have an exciting future ahead of me, as do all Middlesex alumni.

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