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Kamrul Choudhury

Format AreaKamrul ChoudhuryBoard Director, Inai Kiara India Pvt Ltd

BA Hons in Business Economics & Maths, 2002

"Middlesex University provided me with the platform to start my career in Banking with Royal Bank of Scotland. The London 'experience' was a life-enriching opportunity in terms of my education, career and social network.

"Since then, I have received numerous accolades and professional certificates from financial institutions including the Bank of England, Royal Bank of Scotland, National Westminster Bank & the Financial Services Authority (UK).

"For a period of around 5 years prior to joining Inai Kiara, Malaysia, I held various senior management roles within the UK banking sector. I then joined Inai Kiara which is a leading global dredging, reclamation and marine engineering company. This move further  accentuated my desire to excel professionally and augmented my entrepreneurial skill set as I was responsible for the due diligence and execution of acquisitions in order to expand Inai Kiara's portfolio and increase its global market-share.

"I have since become a Board Director at Inai Kiara India Pvt Ltd and am actively focused on the identification of suitable dredging, reclamation and marine engineering contracts within the Indian market. Concurrently I serve as a Director of Arabian Inai Kiara which is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"I have also served on the Board of Directors and special committees for various international corporations and have repeatedly been awarded for exceptional leadership.

"In 2010, I was appointed as the Managing Director for a specialised shipyard in Malaysia where I manage a workforce of 2,500 personnel and a capex of USD$3.0 billion. My responsibilities include:

  • Developing strategic plans, management systems & operational procedures for the shipyard
  • Overseeing offshore and marine engineering which includes responsibility for new-builds, conversion, fabrication, repairing, construction and engineering of vessels
  • Leading the management team to achieve competitive cost, on-time delivery and the development of high quality and innovative products
  • Overseeing the budget and ensuring good control of our capital expenditure which includes equipment, manpower for the shipyard and ensuring optimum utilisation and maintenance of yard facilities
  • Securing new-builds and ship-repair contracts.

"I am delighted that my accomplishments in shipbuilding and marine engineering have led to my appointment to the prestigious 'Royal Institute of Naval Architects'.

"I truly believe that my diverse career trajectory and success originates from my student years at Middlesex University (Hendon) as I was able to hone my ability to multi-task, develop new knowledge and push my own boundaries to the outer limits.

"I also made some life-long friends from all over the globe whilst studying at Middlesex thanks to the university's international mix of students."

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