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Naila Malik

Naila MalikBusiness Travel Consultant, Nissin Travel

BA International Tourism Management

What made you choose Middlesex University?

I chose Middlesex University because of the close proximity to central London and the modern campus facilities.

What attracted you to your course and made you apply?

I was attracted to the structure of the course as there was a broad selection of modules to choose from. This allowed me to tailor my course according to my desired career path.

What aspects of your course did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in national and international field trips. This enabled me to gain real life experience and expand my learning beyond the classroom.

What is your fondest memory of life at Middlesex?

I really enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. Having a diverse range of students made class debates much more interesting.

What one piece of advice would you give to a prospective student interested in studying at Middlesex?

I would advise them to go to an open day and speak to the students and lecturers as this will give them a real insight into life at Middlesex.

How did your course and time at Middlesex help you to get where you are professionally today?

My experience and degree from Middlesex helped me develop and strengthen key skills which all employers look for. I left Middlesex confident and knowing I would secure a good job.

What made you choose the industry you work in and what are its pros and cons?

I chose the travel and tourism industry because I have always been a passionate traveller with an endless enthusiasm for discovering new places. Aside from the discounts you get on flights and hotels, the best part of working in tourism is meeting people from all walks of life. The downside of the industry is the seasonal nature of the job, meaning that work may not always be readily available.

How did you get your foot on the career ladder post university?

In the current economy it can be really difficult to find full-time employment. Like a lot of people, I started at the bottom and worked my way up. After a year of hard work I managed to secure a post with a reputable company. Without my degree this would have been much more challenging.

What has been your defining career break or highlight to date?

Landing a job at a top Japanese travel agency has definitely been the highlight of my career to date. I am responsible for one of the company's major accounts, arranging all aspects of their business trips. I have also had the opportunity to get involved in arranging large scale events, both nationally and internationally.

What does the future hold for you?

It's difficult to say but I'm confident that it will be positive and I have the necessary tools to overcome any adversity.

What are the top three career tips you would give to current students and recent graduates?

My top three career tips would be to work hard, do a lot of research into roles and companies you would like to join and never give up!

What one piece of advice would you give to the 17/18 year old you?

I would probably advise myself not to worry so much. University can be a very enjoyable experience but also very stressful, so it's important to strike the right balance between socialising and studying.

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