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Elisabet Rope

Elisabet Rope

PGCE Early Years Childhood Studies

Why did you take the decision to pursue postgraduate study?

For career development and because of inspiring, amazing and supportive teachers, also multicultural environment, which highly inclusive. I wanted to increase the number of multicultural teacher inside the classrooms, due to the fact that schools are becoming more multicultural as well.

What specialist knowledge and professional skills did you develop whilst studying your course?

I feel I have developed intellectually and emotionally as well. I have acquired plenty life skills, allowing me to enfold in an amazing world of teaching. I have become better both as a parent and professionally

How did your course prepare you for the career you’re building now?

We were clearly exposed to the pros and cons of the profession, providing the skills and mechanism to cope with the busy schedules.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I am honest with myself, I am just taking one step at a time. Even though I am an actual teacher now, I still feel like a student willing to learn more and share my experiences. There is always room for improvements.

Raysham (Primary School where I work at the moment) works closely with Middlesex, it was actually my first placement. Consequently, my development did not end at my graduation, it just started. I believe I was very lucky and blessed, both are the key of my success

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