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Lynn Huang

Lynn HuangAcupuncturist in Maternity Day Unit, Whittington Hospital/Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine

BSc Traditional Chinese Medicine; MSc Chinese Medicine  

What made you choose Middlesex University?

I liked the course on offer at Middlesex University.

What made you choose Middlesex University and attracted you to your course?

It was the course that attracted me to Middlesex University and what I particularly liked about the BSc Traditional Chinese Medicine course was the fact it offered clinical placements with a few NHS hospitals around London. I believe that having industry experience is more important than just studying the theory in a book.

I went on to study an MSc at Middlesex as I really liked the fact the course offered an internship abroad. I thought this would provide me with a great opportunity to learn and travel at the same time.  

What aspects of your courses did you enjoy most?

I really enjoyed my clinical placement on the BSc course and my internship abroad while studying for my MSc.

What is your fondest memory of life at Middlesex?

The fact that I made a lot of good friends at Middlesex University and we all still keep in touch.

What one piece of advice would you give to a prospective student interested in studying at Middlesex?

Don't be shy – make sure you are proactive about meeting and engaging with other students and your tutors.

People are generally very friendly and willing to help so if you have any questions or issues adapting to your new environment, seek out help. Never feel that you have to deal with problems alone.

How did your course and time at Middlesex help you to get where you are professionally today?

My clinical placements in the UK and abroad and the hands-on experience they provided improved my confidence hugely. I learnt to speak to a wide range of patients and deal with them in a professional and calm manner.

As a result, I now work in Whittington Hospital's Maternity Acupuncture service and feel confident dealing with people of all background.  I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with the ladies visiting the service (of course only if we have enough time to talk!) and they love it!

Why did you choose the career you studied for?

I was always interested in how alternative therapies can be used to improve people's health.

Chinese Medicine offers patients is a compelling alternative to Western medicine and provides people with other ways in which to manage their health and well-being. It includes nutritional medicine, etc.

What are the pros and cons of working within your professional field?

The main pro is that it is such wonderful feeling when you see a patient's condition improving after treatment. We sometimes receive cards from the ladies we have treated after they delivered the baby. 

The biggest con is probably the fact that it can be very intensive and pressured during working hours.  

How did you get your foot on the career ladder post university?

I was very lucky as my supervisor put me forward for my current position.  

What does the future hold for you?

I am hoping to start my own clinic one day and we will see from there.

What are the top three career tips you would give to current students and recent graduates?

Take initiative, believe in yourself and be confident!

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