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Thomas Dowle

Thomas Dowle

MSc Nursing

Why did you take the decision to pursue postgraduate study?

I wanted to increase my prospects of becoming a senior nurse in the NHS. I also wished to study at a higher level, I wanted to study at Middlesex as I undertook my degree there and liked the marking, tutors and general setup – online services etc.

What specialist knowledge and professional skills did you develop whilst studying your course?

I have undertaken specific courses that gave me the skills to become an autonomous practitioner. I also learnt about advanced nurse practitioners. The final project has opened up doors for me to collaborate with other organisations to improve patient care and outcome. Due to the course I am now on a North Central London wide steering group for admission avoidance which will affect thousands of patients and practitioners within the NHS.

How did your course prepare you for the career you’re building now?

This course now allows me to apply for posts that require a MSc, these posts are very senior posts in the NHS Band 8B and above.

What are your ambitions for the future?

How do you think your time at Middlesex will help you achieve your goals? My ambitions are to become a service leave 8B or head of nursing in the next 2 years. Without the MSc I will not be able to attempt this.

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