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Bethany Holmes

Bethany HolmesPGCE Secondary Dance Student

BA Dance Studies, 2015

Why did you choose to study at Middlesex University?

When applying for Universities Middlesex was already at the top of my list of possibilities due to the great things I had heard about it from current students and teachers at school. I auditioned at five different institutions but the professionalism and experience each teacher displayed at Middlesex was above anything else I had experienced at other auditions. The facilities, such as the studios and performance spaces Middlesex has to offer, alongside the easy access to central London, ensures a high quality experience.

What did I enjoy most about the course?

The best thing about the course was the relationships that were established with peers, teachers and other students at the university. The whole experience was made so much more enjoyable knowing that I was in a comfortable environment surrounded by people willing to help me.

How did the course help you develop and in what areas?

The course helped me to develop my skills in a range of areas – especially in technique and choreography. The technique delivered to us was of an incredibly high standard and taught by people with the highest expertise.

Choreography was taught by teachers and outside companies, which offered varied ways of choreographing and innovative ideas. The most surprising knowledge I gained through was a secure understanding of the human anatomy. This knowledge was transferable to other aspects of the course and has proved useful beyond university.

What were the teaching staff like?

The teaching staff at Middlesex are without doubt the main driving force behind the success of the dance course. Every teacher has such profound knowledge and they enjoyed sharing this with us. The connections the staff have with renowned practitioners benefited the quality of teaching and opened up many opportunities for learning.

Their approachable nature and sense of humour made each hour spent learning a highly enjoyable experience and the support they had for us was always greatly appreciated. They are able to recognise your individual talents and facilitate the development of these through the guidance they offer in the form of tutorials and suggesting workshops/experiences that may be of interest.

What advice would you offer other people thinking about studying dance at Middlesex?

Take each opportunity that comes your way. Always make time to develop your skills in ways that will be beneficial to you. Take advantage of the shows that take place in and around London, they are so easy to access. Apply full commitment to your studies to achieve the best results that you can because you will surprise yourself at how much you develop as a technician, performer, choreographer and person in the space of three years.

What have you done since graduating?

Since graduating I have been busy completing my PGCE in secondary dance. I feel privileged to have this opportunity as places on dance PGCE courses are limited. The year is going well, although it is incredibly challenging. Teaching daily within a secondary environment is incredibly rewarding and already I have achieved things that I never thought would be within my capability.

I have definitely chosen the right career path and Middlesex helped me come to the realisation that I would make a good teacher.

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