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Christina Binney

Christina BinneyBA Dance Studies (Choreography), 2015

Why did you choose to study at Middlesex?

I always dreamt of training within the heart of the UK’s dance establishment, and with the Middlesex University campus located in London I was drawn to the excitement of being surrounded by world-renowned theatres, dance studios, art galleries and artists.

Middlesex impressed me through their organic and well-established relationships with these inspirational venues, and their ability to directly offer us the highest level of training from pioneering dance artists. Through their outstanding array of teachers from highly-regarded choreographic and performance backgrounds, Middlesex ticked all the boxes when it came to choosing the institution for my training, and where I would begin my career.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

With the support of passionate teachers and experienced choreographers, who went above and beyond to offer one-to-one guidance and mentoring, the Dance Studies degree presented career-changing opportunities throughout that significantly influenced my artistic outlook and ability.

From European summer schools, choreographic workshops with artists such as Alexander Whitely and Rosemary Butcher to interdisciplinary collaborations, the course widened my knowledge and experience in the industry, creating memories that will stay with me forever.

How did the course help you develop and in what areas?

Middlesex’s integration of practical and theoretical subjects provides a varied and challenging-yet-stimulating course. As well as focusing specifically on choreography, I also became aware of so many career possibilities within the industry. I trained in critical writing and reviewing during my studies and I was able to learn and gain a set of skills in order to diversify and promote myself as an artist, whilst continuing to focus on my long-term ambition of becoming a choreographer. My artistic knowledge, technical ability and confidence across the dance field grew considerably while studying and as a graduate I experience the benefits of my training on a daily basis.

What were the teaching staff like?

The teachers are the most humble, generous and inspirational set of professionals to have by your side during your development as a dance artist. With direct connections to pioneering choreographers and their techniques, such as Robert Cohan, all dance students are fortunate enough to receive lectures from a variety of fundamental figures in dance. This inspiration continues into studio practice, learning directly from the choreographers, ex-principle dancers or directors.

While the experiences and accomplishments our teachers have achieved greatly influenced our practice and determination as individuals, it is clear that our mentors are just as inspired by us. There is a genuine friendship that forms with the teachers across the three years, and this support and care undoubtedly continues into graduate life.

What advice would I offer other people thinking about studying dance at Middlesex?

If you are dedicated, eager to grow, want to test your creative ability whilst making connections and friends for life, Middlesex is undoubtedly the right choice!


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