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Richelle Villar

Social Media Community Manager, Impact Richelle Villar profile pictureProximity BBDO

BA Hons, Advertising, Media and PR, 2013

What made you choose Middlesex University?

I had read good views about or from people who had gone to Middlesex. For me, people played an important part in my choice of university.

What attracted you to your course and made you apply?

I always liked media and wanted to learn about advertising. I heard about the programme and liked the fact it offered the right mixture of practical and theoretical classes.

What aspects of your course did you enjoy most?

I really enjoyed the practical elements of the course as many of the activities we undertook introduced me to what life was like in the industry.

What one piece of advice would you give to a prospective student interested in studying at Middlesex?

Join clubs and never miss classes! The saddest story I've heard is when people get amazing grades but fail a module because of low attendance levels.

How did your course and time at Middlesex help you get to where you are professionally today?

I think it helped me to think critically, which is what I have to do working in my industry now.

What made you choose the industry you work in and what are its pros?

I have always been interested in advertising. I love it because it's fast paced and never gets boring.

What has been your defining career break or highlight to date?

I climbed from being an intern to social media expert in less than a year. That's when I was given the responsibility to handle an account.

What are the top three tips you would give to current students and recent graduates who are looking for a career similar to yours?

Internships are very important as they allow you to learn about which career path you would most like to follow. Trying and testing career paths is crucial because the media industry is very big and not everything is for everyone. It's also really important to make professional connections.

What one piece of advice would you give to the 17/18 year old you?

Never be shy and try everything out.

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