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Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison

Digital Designer & Owner, Azureness Ltd

MA Design for Interactive Media, 2012

Tell us a bit about what your current job involves.

Right now I’m working as a freelance designer for a variety of innovative clients. I work for my own company and my current job as an employee is to respond to design briefs with creative and considered designs and maintain healthy relationships with clients as well as keeping updated with the latest technology developments.

As an employer I have to work on some business administrative tasks and although it’s not as creative as designing it still requires scheduled time and maintenance.

What drove you to a career in this area? What do you enjoy about it?

I have always been inspired by technology and design. What I enjoy is that it’s a blank canvas, so you can dream up ideas and think about how to code or implement them. There are a lot of open source platforms that enable you to develop your own ideas.

I remember I saw an interactive music piece on Bach that inspired me for months. The course gave me a lot of choice as to what area I could specialise in which created a good platform for me to grow from. Technology is such a fast moving industry and the possibilities are infinite, learning about how to code, human computer interaction and what the future might be of design and technology has proven to be a great drive in my career development.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

My proudest achievement so far has been the continuing growth of knowledge about design and technology. I had thought once I left University, the learning would slow and I would need to learn outside of working hours. I discovered many companies support career development and learning, and not just in your discipline but in different positions within the business and how the business works and in day to day work. Living in London gives you access to lots of different kinds of networking events and thanks to technology they are easy to reach and find out about.

What drove you to do a postgraduate degree?

My curiosity for technology drove me to apply for the MA in Design for Interactive Media. It was also during a crit session that one of my tutors mentioned this MA course that he was completing at that time. He had created an interactive typographic website which responded to movement via the camera - fascinating!

What made you choose to study at Middlesex?

I really enjoyed the diverse culture at Middlesex, having lived in Hong Kong before I felt very comfortable there. The tutors were honest and friendly and the briefs were creative and encouraged students to engage with one another. I was treated like a professional so the transition into work life was pretty seamless.

What work and life skills did you learn on your master’s?

I learnt how to work as part of a team and with other teams. Listening and learning as well as actively participating will get the best result for everyone. How to take direction from tutors and question things I wasn’t sure about. One of the most important skills I learnt was self direction and studying.

What did you enjoy most about your master’s at Middlesex?

The vast amount of technology we were given access to and the workshops we learned from. The group of international students made it an educational and cultural experience. The tutors were very knowledgeable and encouraged you to develop your lateral thinking and use of technology.

Finally, what advice would you give to others thinking about postgraduate study?

My advice to under graduates considering a Masters would be to speak to other students about the course you’re considering and find out what the course entails by researching online. Then make sure you have financial support to continue for the length of time undertaken to make sure you can complete it to the best of your abilities. I worked part-time to support my living costs as well as completing my degree. Speak to your tutor and see if this would be suitable to the course timetable and group projects. Then go for it!

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