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Published alumni

Many Middlesex University graduates go on to achieve great things when they leave.

Below is a short selection of alumni who have had their books published. If you are a published Middlesex alumnus and would like to be featured on this page please email us your details.

Baptiste, Errol

Errol graduated in 2000: Diploma of Higher Education

Barnes, Melanie

Melanie graduated in 1998: LLB

Benjamin, Adam

Chapters in:

Adam graduated in 1990: BA Dance & Visual Arts

Barnett, Vincent

Vincent graduated in 1988: BA Applied Photography, Film and Television

Baumgarten, David

David graduated in 2015: PG Cert Professional Development-Neuroscience of Leadership

Bowden, Mark

  • Winning Body Language: Control the Conversation, Command Attention, and Convey the Right Message without Saying a Word

Mark graduated in 1999: BA Acting

Brazell, Derek

Derek graduated in 1984: BA Graphics

Churcher, Mel

Mel graduated in 1992: MA in Performing Arts

Collins, Mike

Mike graduated in 2002: MA in Driver Education

Cooper-Davies, Amber

Amber graduated in 2013: BA Illustration

Crombet-Beolens, Richard (Published as Bo Beolens)

Richard graduated in 1972:  BA Social Science

De Rossi, Valerio

Valerio graduated in 2011: DProf in Human Behaviours in Safety Management

Dell, Linda Louisa

Linda Louisa graduated in 1996: Mdp Spanish with Science and Technology

Durdey, Tricia

Tricia graduated in 1980: BA Performing Arts

Evans, Ferguson

Ferguson completed his PhD in 2003

Ghilchik, Margaret

Margaret graduated in 2003: MA in Creative Writing

Gifford, Lisa

Lisa graduated in 2012: BA Theatre Arts

Grace, Janey Lee

Janey graduated in 1981: BA Performing Arts

Goddard, James

James graduated in 1978: BA Modern English

Halford, Stuart

Stuart graduated in 1993: BA in Spanish and 3rd World Studies

Harris, Perlita

Perlita graduated in 1991: PGDip Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Heartfield, James

James graduated in 1984: BA Literature and Philosophy

Hird, Laura

Laura graduated in 1991: BA Contemporary Writing Studies

Holloway, Sally

Sally graduated in 2006: MA in Writing

Itten, Theodor

Theodor graduated in 1978: BA Social Science

King, Deborah

Deborah graduated in 1997: BA Writing and Publishing with Marketing

Lucas, John

John graduated in 2007: BA Creative and Media Writing

Miles, Dan

Dan graduated in 1997: BA Performing Arts

Moore-Burton, Erica

Erica graduated in 1996: BA Law & Business Studies

Newton, Lisa

Lisa graduated in 2002: BA Accounting with Marketing

Noble, June

June graduated in 1989: BA English and Literary Studies

Panter, Irene

Irene graduated in 1997: BA Philosophy with Combined Studies

Perry, Philippa

Philippa graduated in 1990: BA Fine Art

Phipps, Alan

  • Radical Criminology and Criminal Victimisation, in R. Matthews and J. Young (eds.) Confronting Crime.London: Sage
  • Political Parties, Ideaologies and Victims of Crime, in M. Maguire and J. Pointing (eds.) Victims of Crime: a new deal? Buckingham: Open University Press
  • Review of Adam Crawford (2002) (ed.) Crime & Insecurity: the governance of Safety in Europe. Cullompton: Willan International Review of Victimology, 10,(4)
  • Review of Davies, P. et al.(2007) (eds.) Victims, Crime & Society. Cullompton: Willan Crime Prevention & Community Safety, 13, 17-21
  • Review of Matthew Hall (2009) Victims of Crime. Cullompton: Willan Crime Prevention & Community Safety, 13, 17-21

Alan completed his PhD in 1987.

Riggs, Julie

Julie graduated in 2014: Dprof Professional Studies Environment

Sam-La Rose, Jacob

Jacob Graduated in 1997:  BA English  with Information Technology

Shakes, Sam

Sam graduated in 2002: BSc Health Studies with Race and Culture

Udeh, Gregory Patrick

Gregory graduated in 2007: DipHE Mental Health Nursing

Wall, Siobhan

Siobhan graduated in 1999: MA in Visual Culture

Wikholm, Catherine

Catherine graduated in 2012: MSc Forensic Psychology

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