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Class of 2014 wave goodbye to Middlesex as new journey begins

Graduation WeekFriends and family join graduates for spectacular send off

The Class of 2014 waved farewell to Middlesex in July, during a graduation week bathed in summer sunshine.

Temperatures reached highs of 30 degrees Celsius, as students from the University's six schools were honoured across a total of 15 ceremonies held between Monday 14 and Friday 18 July.

More than 5,100 'graduands' attended to receive their degrees and officially become graduates, the culmination of years of hard work that marks not only the completion of their degree but also the beginning of a new journey.

"Anyone who achieves anything in whatever endeavour they undertake likes to step back and reflect, and there is nothing like graduation as a celebration of academic endeavour. It's the highlight of the year," said Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Driscoll.

"I'm enormously proud of our students, I'm amazed at what they do. They're incredible young people going out into this world and hopefully making the world a better place as well as being personally successful.

"Now is the time to be optimistic, brave and go for what it is that they want to do, so I wish them all the best."

Graduation at Middlesex is a vast undertaking and the whole University came together to make it a truly special occasion.

"There is nothing like graduation as a celebration of academic endeavour. It's the highlight of the year." - Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Driscoll.

A total of 90 student marshals worked throughout the week to make sure the event went without a hitch, while a total of 18,200 cupcakes were eaten and glasses of bubbly sipped.

"We invest a lot of time in graduation, and it's all hands on deck for the whole team. From our cleaners, caretakers and administrators, everybody in each department, to all the academic staff, nobody is left out and everyone realises how important it is to put on the best possible show," Professor Driscoll added.

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