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My Learning

What is MyLearning?

At Middlesex University we strive to promote a Blended Learning approach to our teaching and learning process. In order to facilitate that learning approach, the University uses Moodle, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), known as MyLearning to support the delivery of online learning. Staff and students use MyLearning for most modules across the different Faculties. The online platform plays a fundamental role in the delivery of undergraduate, postgraduate programmes and distance learning modules.

How is MyLearning used?

As MyLearning is an online learning platform, we leverage its capabilities to design and develop effective online learning modules which students access as part of their course at the University. We have the opportunity to transform pedagogy, harnessing the power of multimedia to promote an interactive and effective teaching and learning process. The implication of asynchronous online learning has meant that flexibility in how students learn can be promoted, creating a self-paced student-centred learning environment, where students have the opportunity to thrive as they share ideas and collaborate with each other.

‘Our approach to learning’ includes learning through doing.

What does this mean for you?

Your role as an external examiner at the University may require you to access MyLearning in order to retrieve various documentation and data around specific modules you will be examining. Once appointed as an external examiner, you will be sent login details that you will use to access MyLearning and the various modules associated with your appointment.

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