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School of Health and Education

The Schoolof Health and Education offers exciting and wide-ranging undergraduate andpostgraduate courses in education and teaching, health and social work based onfoundations of excellent scholarship, research and practice-based learning.

Working in partnership isfundamental to everything that we do in the School of Health and Education; wecould not achieve the things we do if we worked in isolation. Our aim is tosupport our students, staff and partners to achieve their full potential and, inso doing, make a difference in the world.

Wetake an innovative approach to developing highly-skilled professionals able totransform people's lives through their work in education, interpreting andtranslation, nursing, midwifery, mental health, social work and integrativemedicine. Partnering with a variety of schools, education settings, charitable,private and public sector organisations, we have a history of pioneeringexcellence that is recognised worldwide.

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