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Appointing a new Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor

Following the announcement of the forthcoming departure of Professor Tim Blackman, we have started the search for a new Vice-Chancellor for Middlesex University. The role is defined as the principal academic, administrative and executive officer of the University. They are responsible for leading the University and ensuring we deliver on our strategy.

The appointing committee

The University’s Board of Governors is responsible for appointing the University’s Vice-Chancellor.

An Appointing Committee will be formed comprising independent governors, the President of the Students’ Union and an academic staff member. An external academic will also be invited to join the Appointing Committee at the shortlisting stage of the process. While the decision of the Vice-Chancellor appointment is unequivocally that of the Board of Governors, the Board want to ensure ac­tive and meaningful consultation with staff and students throughout the process.

Search process

After discussions with a number of executive search firms we have appointed Perrett Laver to partner with us in identifying the best possible candidates worthy of leading the University’s onward journey. Perrett Laver will conduct an extensive search for candidates and there will be an advertisement which will appear during September.

Download the recruitment pack for more information

Get involved in the selection process

Perrett Laver have been tasked with un­dertaking a broad consultation exercise with stakeholders and the broader staff and student communities.

Conversations with a range of staff and students, augmented by focus groups were used to ensure Perrett Laver developed a thorough understanding of the brief in context. Discussions included the skills and experience required of our next Vice-Chancellor and Middlesex’s opportunities and challenges.

The information gathered contributed to the drafting of the person specification and enabled Perrett Laver to act as authentic advocates for the institution for this key recruitment process.

Ways to engage

We invited colleagues to express views on the University’s priorities and the attributes of candidates for the role, in particular across the following areas:

  • What is distinctive and special about Middlesex University?
  • Does the University have a clear sense of what it would like to achieve in its next phase of development? What is the ambition?
  • What do you perceive to be the key challenges in achieving this?
  • How important is external representation in addition to internal leadership?
  • What are the key characteristics you would like to find in the next Vice-Chancellor?

Staff and students are invited to send comments and any suggestions about potential candidates directly to mdx@perrettlaver.com

We will update this page with the results of the feedback from the stakeholder consultation and focus groups.


JulyConsultation and briefing meetings with stakeholders
Late AugustAdvertisements go live
Research and candidate engagement phase commences
Early SeptemberResearch and candidate engagement continues
End SeptemberAdvertisement closes
October Perrett Laver consultants interview long-listed candidates
End OctoberShortlist review meeting with Appointing Committee
November Shortlist interviews
December Announcement

Chair of the Board of Governors updates

The following emails have been sent to all staff throughout this process

Vice-Chancellor recruitment process and focus groups for staff - 11 July 2019

Vice-Chancellor recruitment process update - 23 September 2019

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