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Third party supplier statements on digital accessibility

We are committed to working with suppliers who prioritise and advocate for digital accessibility in their products and practices.

On this webpage, we are listing statements from our suppliers which explain how their work with Middlesex University complies with digital accessibility best practice, and the steps they are making to improve in this area.

We will continue to add statements as we receive them from suppliers.

Received statements

Adobe Connect

Product description: Provision of video conferencing platform.

Anthology (formerly Campus Management) (Radius)

Product description: Customer relationship management (CRM) system for understanding and communicating with customer base.

  • Anthology, suppliers of the Radius CRM system, were not able to supply a detailed accessibility statement which passes our acceptance criteria. As an alternative, you can view the general Anthology statement.


Product description: Digital management system for apprenticeships and employability-focused study programmes.

Articulate 360

Product description: E-learning tools for designing instructional learning courses and apps.

Atlantic Data (Disclosures)

Product description: Software used to facilitate DBS background checks.


Product description: Interim solution for document hosting and sharing with external parties.

GeckoEngage (including GeckoChat and GeckoForms)

Product description: Product for student facing experiences such as forms (e.g. contact forms and sign-up forms), chat widget, embedded events and RSVP pages.


Product description: Student portal for advice and support on finding jobs, apprenticeships and internships.

Kaltura (including Kaltura Newrow)

Product description: Video management, video portal and live video chatrooms used for teaching and learning purposes.

Learning Technology Group (Open LMS / Moodle)

Product description: Virtual learning environment for students to access course information and submit work.

Microsoft (Office 365 and Teams)

Product description: Microsoft office and workplace productivity services, including email, personal storage, shared storage, video collaboration and document management. Microsoft position Teams as the means to publish their Office 365 services. Most if not all Office 365 services are accessible via Teams.

Planon (ProCenter / Unicare)

Product Description: Integrated solution for for CRE/FM, service providers and financial professionals.

Software 2 (AppsAnywhere and Parallels RAS)

Product description: Software application delivery and virtualisation to give students and staff access to university software on classroom and personally owned devices on Windows (AppsAnywhere) and Apple (Parallels RAS) OS devices.

Solutionpath (StREAM)

Product description: Student engagement and analytics platform to understand a student's participation levels in their course.

Sophos Enterprise Console

Product description: Security software for end point protection.

Springshare (LibAnswers, LibCal and LibGuides)

Product description: Library tools for students to learn how to find the resources they need, check events and get questions answered.

Squiz Matrix

Product description: Content management system for key Middlesex University websites (MDX.ac.uk, Unihub, MDX Mauritius, MDX Malta, Make Your Mark, and staff intranet).

Accessibility statement from Squiz for Matrix v5.4.1.3 (added 22 October 2020)

ThirdSpace (Microsoft Identity Manager and Microsoft Sharepoint Server)

Product description: Software used for identity management, security and access control for systems.


Product description: Programme for online submissions and plagiarism detection.

Union Cloud (Students' Union website MDXSU.com)

Product description: The MDXSU website is where students can find information about MDXSU’s opportunities and services, join student groups and societies, engage with their course’s Student Voice Leader, and take part in the democratic functions of the Union (i.e nominate/vote in elections).


Product description: Video calling and conferencing software.

Pending statements

We have requested statements from a number of suppliers, and they will be published on this page when received. High priority systems include:

  • CCSS Helpdesk
  • E Books
  • Eprints (CoSector)
  • Ethos
  • Figshare
  • Infonetica
  • Infonetica Ethics
  • Library (Alma/Primo)
  • Maximiser
  • MISIS Agent Portal
  • MISIS Applicant Portal
  • MISIS Application Review Centre
  • MISIS Banner 9
  • MISIS Self Service
  • More Form
  • myUniHub
  • Neo Post
  • Online occupational health system
  • PAFIS - ebusiness Suite
  • PIP
  • PRO Retention/Engage2Serve
  • Sob-monitor
  • Stonefish
  • Student Placement uniforms
  • WPM


For further information about third party suppliers and accessibility, please email accessibility@mdx.ac.uk.

You can also see the accessibility statement for the Middlesex University London website.

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