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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2022

ISG Paris

Our mission is to prepare students to become business managers able to take managerial and leadership responsibilities applying a holistic approach, and to adapt to a constantly changing global environment.  Building on our faculty’s research and our corporate experience, we prepare our students to work in an international context, be innovative entrepreneurs or corporate managers, and have a socially-responsible mindset. Acknowledging a complex and risky environment, students should develop critical thinking during their ISG education, and become proactive key players in their organisations.  We offer an education of Business to our student, providing entry into the professional world and career development that is consequential and meaningful.

Since 2014, ISG has learned through its partnership with Middlesex University, from sharing best practices to adjusting to Middlesex University's high standards of quality insurance. The partnership has brought the best to both partners and is offering our students a wonderful opportunity for their studies. The added-value of the partnership is also in the sharing of two different teaching and learning cultures, and two teams in Paris and London, serving the same objective: to train and educate the international managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


  • DipHE Liberal Arts and Business (validated)
  • BA Honours Business Administration (validated)

Partnership description

These validated programmes were developed and are delivered and assessed by ISG Paris, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University.

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Website: www.isg.fr

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