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Winterthurer Institut für Aktuelle Musik (Switzerland)

WIAM is one of the few private professional musicians' training institutions in Switzerland and has gained importance as a counter-pole to the state music universities. For this reason, the teaching is done very carefully. It leads to the development and achievement of the highest possible degree of individual abilities and self-competences.

The charm of the manageable institution provides success through the good learning climate and student-oriented instruction in a pleasant teaching atmosphere. This gives the students self-confidence and contributes to the positive development of the personality in human and musical terms.

Validated programmes

  • BA Honours Music (validated)

Partnership description

This validated programme is developed, delivered and assessed by Winterthurer Institut für Aktuelle Musik, awarded and quality assured by Middlesex University.

WIAM and its staff team is very pleased to deliver the BA Honours Music Programme in collaboration with Middlesex University and values its highly experienced employees who help to run and enhance the academic programme at WIAM.

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Contact: Luciana di Nardo
Tel: +41 (0) 52 212 56 67
Email: sekretariat@wiam.ch
Website: www.wiam.ch

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