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ACM Guildford Limited

ACM Guildford Limited understands not only how the music industry works today, but where it is heading tomorrow. Whether students choose to focus on music performance, songwriting, production, technical services or business management, ACM Guildford Limited prides itself on delivering an immersive music industry education in which the highest quality of teaching and learning is matched with unparalleled student experiences. Representing every corner of the field they hope to work in, ACM Guildford Limited is, in this way, creating a microcosm of the music industry in which its students really can work together and learn by doing.

Because of a tripartite comment to its students academic, personal and professional development, ACM Guildford Limited students are connected to a network of top-tier industry contacts via its dedicated Industry Link department, as well as being issued with an access all areas pass to Metropolis Studios, Europe's largest independently owned recording complex. They are taught by the very best music industry professionals who are out there, doing it for real, designing new ways of working and pushing creative boundaries. Each and every day, they bring the most up to date knowledge and rarest of opportunities from the outside world back into our classrooms, only for ACM Guildford Limited students. They are expert educators who inform and inspire. They are dual-professional leaders in their chosen field.

Through regular networking events, work placements, performance and audition opportunities, ACM Guildford Limited students are able to showcase their knowledge and talent to music industry executives (from labels, publishers, management companies and more) and gain first-hand feedback from those in the know.


BA Honours Music Industry Practice (validated)
BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Musician) (validated)
BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Creative Artistry & Songwriting) (validated)
BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Music Production) (validated)
BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Business and Innovation) (validated)

BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Commercial Songwriting) (validated)

BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Rap and MC) (validated)

BA Honours Music Industry Practice (Technical Services) (validated)

BA/BSc Honours/DipHE/CertHE Games Development and Futures (validated, all but BA are awaiting validation)

BA/BSc Honours/DipHE/CertHE Music Industry Futures (validated, awaiting validation)

MA/MSc Creative Industries Futures (validated, awaiting validation)

Partnership description

These validated programmes were developed and are delivered and assessed by the ACM Guildford Limited, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University.

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