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Institute of Psychosynthesis

The Institute of Psychosynthesis was founded In 1973 by Joan and Roger Evans under the personal guidance and sponsorship of Roberto Assagioli to develop the principles and practice of Psychosynthesis in the UK. The Institute went on to create the first professional psychosynthesis training programme in Europe in 1975 and since then has developed in-depth programmes in psychosynthesis counselling, psychotherapy, coaching as well as the application of psychosynthesis to other fields of service. It also has an active Research and Publishing section.

Over the years the Institute has developed a method of facilitated learning that integrates the excitement and stimulation of direct experience with the focus depth and direction that comes from a thorough understanding of ideas. The training environment is not only for the training of the professional, but also, and of utmost importance, for the training of the individual.


  • PGCert Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching (validated)
  • PG Cert Psychosynthesis Leadership and Organisational Coaching Supervision (validated)
  • MA Psychosynthesis Psychology (validated)
  • MA Psychosynthesis Coaching (validated, phasing out)
  • MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (validated, phasing out)
  • MA Psychosynthesis Leadership and Organisational Coaching (validated)

Partnership description

These validated programmes were developed and are delivered and assessed by The Institute of Psychosynthesis, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University.

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Email: institute@psychosynthesis.org
Website: www.psychosynthesis.org

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