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London School of Jewish Studies

LSJS is a centre of excellence in Jewish learning and scholarship. At its Hendon campus there are some fifty teachers providing adult education courses, degree and teacher training programmes for over seven hundred students. LSJS’s imaginative courses, high intellectual standards, educational tours, and outreach to synagogues making an impact on thousands of people, have created a buzz across Anglo-Jewry. More than 150 years after it first opened, LSJS is still growing.


  • BA Honours Jewish Education (validated)
  • MA Jewish Education (validated)

Partnership description

These programmes were developed and are delivered and assessed by London School of Jewish Studies, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University.

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Contact: Suzanne Wayland.  Academic Registrar
Address: London School of Jewish Studies
Wohl Campus for Jewish Education
Schaller House, 44a Albert Road

Email: suzanne.wayland@lsjs.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8203 6427
Website: www.lsjs.ac.uk

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