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Metanoia Institute

Metanoia Institute is one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of specialist higher education in the disciplines of psychotherapy, counselling psychology, counselling and, more recently, coaching and organisational development.

Metanoia Institute values its long-standing reputation for providing education of outstanding relevance and quality and we aspire to work in partnership with our students in a learning environment which strongly encourages the mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, observations and experience.

Metanoia Institute’s ethos is defined by an understanding that no single approach to therapy is significantly more effective than any other, and all have something to offer the practising clinician. All of the Institute’s programmes, are designed to develop a coherent philosophical, professional and ethical base as an on-going support for clinical practice and to enable students to become authoritative in the critical evaluation of philosophical paradigms and value systems in relation to therapeutic work.



The Faculty of Psychotherapy and Counselling oversees the work of staff and students involved in eight ‘core’ programmes, validated by Middlesex University:

  • PGCertHE Teaching and Learning in Counselling and Psychotherapy (validated)
  • PGDip Person-Centred Experimental Psychotherapeutic Counselling (validated)
  • BA Honours Person Centred Counselling (validated, phasing out)
  • BSc Honours Person-Centred Pluralistic Counselling (Advanced Practitioner) (validated)
  • BSc (Honours) Humanistic Counselling (validated)
  • BSc (Honours) Reflective Therapeutic Practice (validated)
  • MSc Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (validated)
  • MSc Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Application (validated)
  • MSc Gestalt Psychotherapy (validated)
  • MSc Humanistic Psychotherapy (validated)
  • MSc Integrative Psychotherapy (validated)
  • MSc Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (validated)

The Faculty of Applied Social and Organisational Sciences oversees the work of staff and students involved in the following  programmes validated by Middlesex University, and counselling services:

  • The Metanoia Schools Counselling Service

The Faculty of Research Strategy and Innovation oversees the work of staff and students involved in research across the Institute and with External partners in the following ways:

  • Research Centre: Faculty-Wide Research Activities and Events
  • Research projects with other Universities and research partners
  • Research Clinic and the development of research practice
  • The Ealing Borough Consortium
  • Maximise Research and Research Income

The Faculty of Post-Qualification and Professional Doctorates oversees the work of staff and students involved in the following three joint programmes with Middlesex University as well as other Doctoral developments:

  • The Doctorate in Psychotherapy by Professional Studies (joint)
  • The Doctorate of Psychotherapy by Public Works (joint)
  • The Doctorate of Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy by Professional Studies (joint)

In addition to the higher education provision listed above, Metanoia Institute continues to offer professional clinical diploma routes for those students who wish to register  as  practitioners  but  who  do  not  seek  an  academic  qualification.

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