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Barnet Business Growth Programme

Work with a Middlesex University student or graduate, free of charge! You can now express your interest in working with one of our interns in 2023.

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We are pleased to announce that Barnet Council and Middlesex University are offering the Barnet business community the opportunity to attend a short series of business development workshops delivered by our renowned academic experts AND, the opportunity to access the talent, innovation and business-focused skillset of our final year students through a fully-funded 4-week placement/internship – ALL FOR FREE.

  • Current Opportunities for Barnet Businesses

  • FREE Business Development Workshop Programme

    The workshop programme will run through February and March 2023 – with weekly early evening workshops on business-critical topics. You could recommend your employees to attend or even organise a team away day to contribute to your organisation's team building and CPD plans.

    • 16th Feb, 6-7pm: ‘Business Growth and Sustainability’
    • 23rd Feb, 6-7pm: ‘Making Reasoned and Justifiable Business Decisions’
    • 2nd March, 6-7pm: ‘Overcoming barriers to understanding your numbers; Key Accounting Principles for your Business'
    • 9th March, 6-7pm: ‘ Digital and Social Media – A Marketing Roadmap’ (TBC)
    • 16th March, 6-7pm: ‘Change Through Innovation’ (TBC)

    The FREE one-hour workshops will be delivered at Middlesex University, College Building, Room C027 and will be followed by networking sessions including refreshments. They will also be streamed live for those unable to attend in person*.

    Book your place now

  • Fully-funded 4-week Student Internship

    The 4-week student internship will also run through February and March, and will enable our MDX students to work closely with you on key objectives for your business – supporting you and your business to grow and thrive. The student can work within your business premises/office or remotely depending on your preference. They will be allocated 20hrs per week for 4 weeks to work with you. The internship is FREE to the business and is fully-funded through the collaboration between Barnet Council and Middlesex University.

    What the internship could bring to your business:

    • Marketing and business development strategy
    • Customer acquisition research
    • Operational and logistics review
    • Business planning models
    • Innovative thinking regarding your products and services; new channels to market
    • Market trend research

    Express your interest by 4 Feb

Student/Graduate Intern Allocation

We are eager to offer up to 30 Barnet-based businesses the chance to work with one of our student or graduate interns, free of charge, for a period of 4 weeks, 20h per week.

This opportunity enables you access to the skills, expertise, and innovation of our Middlesex University students and graduates and comes with no extra costs from you, as a business participant.

Upon completion of the Expression of Interest, we will do our best to match you with an intern who will apply their knowledge and expertise in the Business and Management field to help you with your growth strategy.

Please note that your matching with an intern is not guaranteed as it depends on the number of business participants and student applications. Also, the intern will require your guidance so, please make sure you have the capacity to support them while working with you.

  • Previous Growth Course Delivery

Over the summer and autumn of 2022, Barnet Council and Middlesex University have partnered to provide a unique programme of FREE, short training courses, specifically designed to support the growth and development of Barnet-based micro-businesses. Each course was designed to provide micro-businesses with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they needed to grow forward.

The courses have been delivered at Middlesex University in person however, we have saved the online resources and included them below for you to access if interested. We are also working on preparing an online version of the sessions to highlight the most important elements surrounding each topic.

To access the online materials, please scroll down.

  • Onile Resources

    • Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

      Learn from an entrepreneurial expert on how your business can make a positive impact on the local community: socially, environmentally, and economically. How to engage B2B with your business community in innovating environmental, communal and societal positive impact.

    • Management and Leadership: May the Force Be With You

      There are growing resource challenges operating in today's markets. Learn ways to maximise your management and leadership development to help you navigate through turbulent times.

    • Business Decision Making: Get It Right

      Running and developing a small business depends so critically on making the right decisions at the right time - often through uncertainty and volatility. This course will show you how to make informed and justifiable decisions for your business.

    • Business Model Evaluation

      A simple, intensive yet engaging workshop for identifying, mapping and reviewing how your business creates value for each of its customer segments. Wholely interactive, the workshop uses a powerful, accessible tool which has helped multinationals, start-ups and every type of organisation in between. Identify why people will buy from you, how to compete on what really matters to customers and how to allocate resources where they make the most impact. This workshop will help you innovate to differentiate.

    • Business Accounting: know your numbers!

      Accounting can be confusing – it’s difficult to see how the numbers work. But we approach the subject visually, in an interactive and engaging way, making accounting fun and simple. No prior knowledge is required and your relationship with financial information will be transformed giving you important insights into how your business works.

    • Leading Change Through Innovation

      How do you identify the need for change and growth? Whether that be through technology; strategy or people, learn from our start-up experts on how you can take that innovative next step to develop.

    • Essential Business Strategies: Knowing The Game

      What are the building blocks for ensuring your business thrives? Drop the dice of chance and get on board with proven approaches to decision-making and ways of thinking that will build and grow your business.

    • Digital and Social Media: A Marketing Roadmap

      Our world renowned global marketing guru will share with you the key tips; best practice and ways in which YOU can bring the world to your product or service through digital and social media. Get familiar with some FREE to use tools that can truly impact on your customer reach.

*You can choose to attend any or all of the workshops offered.

*Please note that the workshops are highly interactive, therefore we recommend in-person attendance. Those joining online will not benefit from participating in group activities or tailored advise.

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